I've only gone and done it!! Week 9 Run 3 completed

I am the queen of half finished keep-fit programmes. I must have a library of exercise DVDs and books all gathering dust on the book shelf which have looked reproachfully at me for the last 20 years. I have no idea how I got to this programme but I am so glad I did.

I hovered around this forum for several weeks reading all the inspiring and supportive posts before daring to try running for myself. I couldn't even complete W1R1 and thought it just proved I was too old (56) and too fat (14 stone) to ever achieve fitness. I posted my fears on here and could not believe the warmth and kindness of the replies.

Well, it's taken me 14 weeks - with time off for physio for a knee injury (my ancient joint did not like being asked to move faster than a stroll initially) and this morning I finally made it to the end of Week 9. I still have a long way to go to further increase my fitness - running 5k is my next goal. In 30 minutes I'm only making 2.7kms so there's definitely room for improvement!!

I look forward to reading everyone's graduation posts and will be back asking for advice on life after the lovely Laura - with her truly dire taste in music!

Happy Running and thanks to you all!


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27 Replies

  • Oh Well done CathyMolly ! I can totally relate to the shelves of Exercise DVDS, been there got the T Shirt :-) This programme really works doesn't it ? We have all come so far, I couldn't run for toffee before I started. Im not the fastest runner either, BUT we can now run for 30 minutes non stop and to me that's something to be very very proud of !

    Enjoy your further running adventures ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks! You're right we have come a long way. Go us!

  • Poppypug - I am so sorry I missed your graduation - well done I bet you are over the moon, keep it up now!!

  • Hey Lottidog, no bother at all :-) Over the moon is an understatement ! Take care , you soon ! :-) xxx

  • Fantastic and well done. You must feel on top of the world. :) Now you can run. 35 minutes you can concentrate on reaching that 5k. Good luck and don't forget your graduation badge :)

  • Thanks Paul, I still can't believe it. Good luck with your runs. I'm sure it won't be long before I see a graduate badge next to your name.

  • Thanks, cathy (the badge looks good alongside your name ;) )

  • Wow you are very inspiring, thanks for posting and Congratulations on graduating.

  • Thank you. Good luck with your runs. You'll get there in the end. Look forward to seeing your graduation post!

  • Well done, I have one more run to do! Good luck with the 5k!

  • Thanks. I look forward to seeing graduate next to your name in the next couple of days!

  • Congratulations cathymolly. It's a great feeling isn't it! I totally relate to all the years of enthusiastic fitness projects then dipping out as it became boring or "didn't work" or just too much like hard work. But somehow this is different. I'm hooked even though it is hard work... I feel twitchy if I can't go out now. Not always looking forward to it to be honest but somehow would feel worse if I didn't do it... Happy running to you. X

  • Thanks. It is a great feeling. I know what you mean about not looking forward to running and I can't even say that I enjoy it most of the time but I miss it on my non-run days and feel so good at the end of a run that I can't imagine not doing it now. Happy Running to you too!!

  • Well done! It's so good to finish. Keep at it!

  • Thanks Becca. I feel so proud of myself actually sticking with it to the end - no, not the end. I'm already thinking about future progress. i guess I'm hooked !

  • That is a fantastic achievement! Well done and keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks Treemouse. I can't believe I'm one of the fabled graduates! Next target will be trying to run 5k in under 1 hour (could take some time!)

  • Congratulations Cathymolly, great news! Your shiny new graduate badge is looking pretty darn splendid! Well done :)

  • Thanks AncientMum. I keep logging on to the forum just to admire my badge - am amazed at myself. I don't think I would have stuck thro' the hard parts without this forum. Happy Running!

  • Ha Ha, yes so do I ! :-) I only graduated yesterday,and when I see the badge next to my name , I cant stop myself thinking YES ! " :-) xxx

  • Congratulations CathyMolly! I bet you feel amazing.

  • Thanks Ullyrunner. You are so right. I've been beaming all day. I feel so invincible I even managed to sort out a glitch with my MacBook Pro. Hey, if I can run 30 mins - a software issue is a mere nothing!

  • Yay! Another graduate joins the ranks... Welcome - well done on your final run of the programme! Celebrate in style... you've earned it! Happy post graduate running - the fun has only just begun!

    And if anyone misses Julie, I have the MP3 of that single song for your playlists...

  • No way?? Where on Earth did you find it!

  • Nooooooooooooo ! For real ? Seriously ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks aussiegtc. Heaven help me but I will download Julie, although as the song is so firmly lodged in my brain I could probably sing it all the way through already! By the way, I loved your before and after photos. You look fab. Not brave enough yet to do mine - cos I'm still too close to the before section of the process!

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