week 7 run 2 i have only gone and done it!!!!!

went out this evening as it was getting dark to see if i could run the 2nd run outside and succeed, and yes i have, what an awesome run, comparison to a treadmill, there is none, for the very act of seeing how far i had actually run, spurred me on. Oh and of course the bragging to my other half when i got home!!! LOL

If you have never ventured out to run and feel self conscious like i did, just wait till it is dusk and give it a go you will soon puff up your chest with pride once you tried it, i will only use my treadmill now when it is raining.

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  • Well done. On both the run and on your first one outdoors. Lovely to see what a positive effect it's had on you. Keep up the good work!

    S X

  • Oh well done! I tried treadmill and outside and agree there is nothing like getting out there. I love running in the rain too its brilliant! and I don't even think about being self conscious anymore, I just get my togs on and go- at least we are doing something. Good luck, you are nearly there! x

  • thanks for the lovey replies No-Excuse and Mustgetthin, it is so good to know there are people out there who understand what it does to you and how amazing completing a run makes you feel.x

  • don't worry about what people think, once you've got out there once and start doing the longer runs you won't look back, i know i didn't and i'm loving it out there now. Rarely going to the gym these days, just occasionally for some interval training but happily doing that outside as well :)

  • Congratulations on a great run. Think it was about week 6 when I got brave enough to run in daylight! It doesn't bother me anymore - although there is a lot to be said for running under the stars :) enjoy the rest of your runs

  • Well done!! I've always been outside, but I run first thing in morning so under cover of darkness. However with the lighter mornings that's no longer true! People can see me, eek! But now that I'm on week 7 I don't care what people think anymore, at least I'm trying! Had a shocker this morning though, had to walk for a few seconds twice.... I think its the wine from last night!!