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Runs after graduation


What does everyone do for their runs after graduation I have been rerunning Week 9 Run 3 each time so need to hear Laura giving advice and time to go. Can Laura do a special for afterwards.

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Pick a playlist from Spotify which you like and just go out for a 5K or 30 minute run. Podcasts are also good to listen to whilst running. I run on Monday and Wednesday evenings, then do a Parkrun on Saturday mornings. I use my midweek runs as training runs for Parkrun.


Papillon17Graduate in reply to damienair

Thanks pretty much same Tuesday Friday and Sunday have been usual days will keep Laura with me.?


Have you read the guide to post C25K running?

Papillon17Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Yes I have and although I have done well and graduated I am happy around the five k mark maybe 2 or 3 times a week so will keep using Laura and her reassuring ways.

I came across decathlon coach (app) it can help u with your running times.. or the nike running app. :)

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Happyrunningfeet

Not really after improving at moment want to maintain so will keep Laura by my side


I’ve been doing exactly that too! Laura’s been coming with me for the run. Then when she says ‘bye’ I just run for a bit longer. I use the distance cues on my Fitbit tracker to help me gauge the distance. I’m also using Juju’s plant to 10k and trying to do those 3 runs each week. I feel I still need both support and programme of focus.

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Dowat

Yes I will just reset Laura I need her reassuring words


The first thing I did was ditching the player and earphones and running only with a watch. By now, I have a pretty good idea how long the various route options are, so I can check my progress and extend or shorten the loop to keep running for 30+ minutes. I found that I am enjoying running with natural sound background much more!

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Gryllotalpa

Thanks so need music for me


I used Nike Run Club guided runs... Coach Bennett and the others are amazing.

Papillon17Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks may have a look


I'm just planning on trying different things. I tried Nike Run Club today and initially wasn't too keen but I quite enjoyed it by the end of the run. Am also planning to try the C25K+ podcasts.

One thing I did notice was that I enjoy running much more when I know I don't "have" to do it and the choice to carry on or not is mine. All psychology... perhaps I don't like being told what to do! :)

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Pianism

Haha but I enjoy the guidance and support so will just keep using run 3 week 9.

PianismGraduate in reply to Papillon17

Absolutely - do what feels best for you. :)


Get the free Nike app and download a few of the 30 minutes guided runs, they are even better than Laura (dont tell her) because they talk a bit more. I recommend: Long run with coach Bennett and just go with Mo. There is now also a new series or running with inspirational women. I would do 2-3 weeks of "just" doing 30 minutes runs without worrying about speed, distance or anything before doing a plan (having tried to start a plan too soon).

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