Entering 5k runs after graduation

ok so currently on W7 R1. Back at the beginning of the year I signed up for movember 5k. I graduation is 8th Oct. So a few weeks before. I have come across another 5k I'm really really tempted by. It takes place the weekend before the movember run. I'm currently running between 4 - 4.8k on my runs every other day.

do you think I'd be pushing myself too much with too organized runs a week after each other?

I've defiantly got the running bug now, have already downloaded the 5 to 10k program to move on to when I'm ready


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  • Possibly at this stage. It's so easy to do too much too and get hurt.

    On the other hand you can run them carefully, without overdoing things. Trouble is when you line up against others you start getting competitive. You can run/walk a race too, which is what loads of peeps do. If you do the race you will see folks walking on very hilly bits or when they fatigue

    It's up to you. Just take care. Make sure you do the leg work before race day to make sure you are ready, which includes nutrition and hydration in the weeks prior 😊

  • Awesome..All the best

  • I'm with misswobble on this one, I'm terrible at events I go like the clappers (for me) always push myself far more than in training and usually knock at least 8 mins of my training time. I love every min of it but even when I do 5km I have to recover from that and one of the reasons I don't do park run every week is because I would injure myself. If you knew you would recover and be fine by the next week then it would be ok but it's sort of an unknown quantity. Could you maybe try back to back park runs before (after graduation) to see what your recovery is like.

  • oooo never thought of back to back park runs, what a brilliant idea. I'm doing my first one on Saturday so will see what its like. That's great advice thankyou. I think your right I might be moving too fast, will defiantly try the park runs. Even if it just gets me used to running with others for the movember run

  • Hi Wkdjojo. We should graduate (with everything crossed) on the same day and then I`m off to Greece for a 2 week activity holiday with Neilson (lots of tennis, yoga, kayaking etc) so hopefully will get in two extra weeks of the programme. Going to do weeks 8 and 9 again. I`m thinking of registering for a park run the week after I get back and then doing a few of these while working through to 5 to 10k programme too. We have a local 10k run in June next year - do you think I will be able to commit to this?

  • Look at you thinking about your runs while on holiday! Are you really wondering if you can commit to running? I think you well and truly have the bug and will be fine for June next year, good luck.

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