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First 5 runs after graduation

After completing another run for 30 mins after Graduation, I was looking for something that can give me an opportunity to improve. I downloaded the Couch to 5k+ "Stepping stone" and tried it. I realized that half way thru the broadcast, I could not maintain 155 steps / mins and slowed down considerably. And yet I managed to run a little more than 4 kms in 30 mins.

But I found that I was not enjoying it - trying to focus on getting the number of steps right was not good for me. I thought I am not yet ready for "Stepping stone". So I decided to switch back to my favourite music and decided to increase the duration to 35 mins. This worked better for me, since I was running at my pace.

On my third run of 35 mins today, I managed more than 4.1 kms in 30 mins, my best so far! I am still struggling a bit towards the end of the runs. But I guess if I keep up with little improvements in time week after week, I will improve my stamina and speed.

BTW, I downloaded the Nike+ Running on my Android phone - this is another software that can help me set goals and achieve them. Hopefully this will keep me motivated to keep running. Thanks for all your support!

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Great to hear you're still going, and getting faster too - how you do it in the heat you have, I've no idea! :)

I don't really want to focus on step counting either (I did try again to see how many steps I take per breath cycle yesterday, but gave up after several attemps - it was too much like hard work, and spoilt my focus on the running!)


Having grown up in this heat I am getting used to running too. BTW, the pre-monsoon rains have already started. It cooled down a bit too here!


Stepping stone and I are uncomfortable bedfellows at best. I just hate the 1-2-3-4 counting, it makes it more of a chore and less of a pastime. I can relate to everything you said in the blog and hope you don't feel as disheartened as I did after stepping stones. That said I quite enjoyed the speed podcast. It does have counting and higher bpm but only for short stints. Keep on going and keep on enjoying.


I too found it hard going and simply could not keep up, so I moved on to a bridge to 10k and find it a bit easier as it focuses on the time not the speed. (although nowhere near as good as the C25k podcast)

I do use the strength and flex though and it is very helpful.

Keep it going - just in your own time :-)


These comments are interesting because I find that I'm quite the contrary. :) I like to run to the Laura/Audiofuel bpm mix and find it really helpful. i don't find there's much need to concentrate on the beat, my pace simply quickens or slows to match it (unless it's too slow or too fast) and it's particularly helpful on a longish run as it evens out the pace (whereas I am inclined to speed up when I can, then slow down when I'm tired).

I've bought one or two of the Audiofuel intervals and longer run mixes and find them pretty good, whereas some of the other offerings on the web, which are more music and less beat, don't work for me. I prefer either the beat or silence. :D


Thanks all for your comments! I will stick to my plan for now, and get comfortable running longer distances in the next 2-3 weeks. After that I will try either Couch to 5k+ or B210K.


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