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Hi all.

So prior to starting C25K I have been doing slimming world for 12 weeks and lost just over a stone. I am also doing a bootcamp type of fitness class on the days I'm not running or in work.

I have been watching what I eat because of slimming world but I am wondering if anyone has been through this whilst doing it themselves?

What sort of foods can I add in to my diet to help with energy and keep hunger cravings away?

Thank you for any help!

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I find extra protein keeps me full and stops me snacking.


C25K does not require any changes to a good, well balanced diet and certainly doesn't warrant adding anything to the diet.

Each workout burns very few calories, so if you add to your diet you are liable to add to your weight.

Do make sure your hydration is adequate......2 to 3 litres per day. This can help ease hunger pangs.

I am also doing bootcamp 3 times a week where I am burning more calories not just c25k. But thank you I will ensure I continue to drink plenty of water


Cut carbs the bad ones eat eggs chicken turkey watch fruit intake etc

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Definitely right!

Like iannoda says it's a well balanced diet and cutting food groups like carbs isn't a good idea. Carbs turn into sugar which is what will give you the energy to burn.

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Carbs like bread, rice, pasta, cereal turn to sugar and raise insulin causing fat around the organs and promoting imbalance in the body and disease. The only carbs necessary for good health are those from vegetables.

It will only store it if you don't burn it which is what the running will do

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That’s not what the science says.

Maybe we should all fast

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It certainly saves lots of money and lots of time cooking and washing up!

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No cutting bad carbs is 100% right junk food white bread and pasta things like this spike our insulin and make us hungry it will always cause hunger bad carbs and good carbs should be minutes to 100 grams a day - we don’t need carbs to live


5K is not a big distance. And the plan as said does not need any change to diet. I find snacking on fruit is good. Drink loads of water. I have done Weight Watchers and found running and walking a great way to support the weight loss.


I did slimming world and found that in actual fact your weight loss slows down because your body becomes used to living on the same amount of calories. Keep eating your normal slimming world diet and you’ll find that the extra exercise will assist your weight loss. Slimming world only restricts simple carbs not rice or pasta etc it’s just a well balanced diet. I have type 2 diabetes and slimming world was great for that. I’d speak to your club leader. Good luck and well done on your healthy lifestyle

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Thank you, yeah I have noticed my weight loss has slowed down do hopefully the exercise will help now. Will speak to leader next week :)


Hi Buttercup. I was doing slimming world when I started doing C25K and just carried on with the eating plan. Running made very little difference to my weight loss, if I ate badly it showed on the scales. The running plan did make me feel a lot fitter, certainly toned up my lazy muscles, and amazingly made my skin a lot clearer. Just keep to both plans and you will get fitter and lose weight x

Hi Buttercup, I started SW over a year before I decided to do C25K and I didn't change my anything at all (and still haven't). As folks have mentioned, ensure you are eating healthy foods (some people don't on SW) . I run in the morning and don't eat beforehand so maybe that is something that works in keeping the hunger at bay, not sure. You are doing brilliantly. Tackling the running and the weight loss at the same time is not easy but just think how fabulous you will be :)

Thank you. One can only hope that something works!


Hello Buttercup21

I’ve been 3 day water-fasting twice since last July (ie not eating but drink water) and 16-hour daily fasting overnight until approx lunchtime on all the other days. I’m on week six of Couch to 5K. As a result, my body is using my own body fat for energy and I have loads of it, even though I’m approaching my 69 birthday. In fact, the less I eat, the more energy I seem to have, as the body has to work hard at digesting food.

The main reason I am doing this kind of eating is so that the cells that I don’t want in my body ie pre cancerous, potential dementia, diabetes, thyroid problems etc can be cleared from my system.

I’ve been researching this for a long time. I got myself into a very healthy state of eating before I began this kind of life!

I have always drunk masses of water and herbal tea. Sometimes it’s not hunger one gets, but thirst disguised as hunger!


Hi Buttercup, you’re doing brilliantly. I’ve been doing SlimmingWorld for years, and I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. I’m 60. On SlimmingWorld you can eat pasta which is good for energy, and I usually have a banana before I exercise. Eat well at mealtimes.


If I cut carbs too much I get jelly legs and a light head when I run. I eat all food groups, and have lost 1 and a half stone slowly since September using weight watchers. Running alone had no effect on my weight. I drink very little straight water as I really don't like it. It reminds me of my chemotherapy and makes me feel sick! I drink weak squash instead. No sugar stuff. I write down everything I eat and drink and it keeps me focussed. I have days when I eat off plan too and haven't gained. I put on no weight over Christmas.

I guess we are all different. Good luck!

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