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Post surgical recovery

Hi I had surgery on both legs last Thursday 18th. I was in week 3 C25k and obviously it will be a while before I can get back to it, but I have been given very little information about recovery, what I can do to help myself or a program to follow. Can you advise please?I’m also following Slimming World and doing the Days Off app and so far pleased with the results. I want to keep improving towards a healthier life once the surgical stockings come off on Thursday. Sexy!

Thank you

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Not sure I can give advice or anyone else without a) medical/physio qualifications and b) actually examining you and knowing what happened! ... Can you get back to anyone and ask about recovery?


Thank you I will plus fine some NHS research too. Feeling better each day just impatient xx

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Understandable. Look after yourself! Many people report coming back after lots of issues. Heal up soon!


I think this is definitely a question for your doctor and they really ought to give you adequate information about recovery. It's not something we can offer advice on, especially as much depends on the type of surgery you underwent and how your body reacted to it. If your doctor isn't helpful it may be worth asking to speak to another.

In any case I imagine that getting used to moving around again with brisk walking (once you are cleared to do so) would make sense first; and perhaps once you pick up again you might want to go back a few runs, or even to the beginning. But whatever you do, get the green light from your doctor first.

However, I just wanted to say that I hope your recovery is swift, complete and not too irksome, and I am sure that with commitment, you will achieve the improvements you seek.


Thank you x


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