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W6r2 - hard: should I stick here?

Gosh. that was tough. My calves really started to hurt about half way through. I finished but am really not sure I will be up for run 3.

I am doing the 30 day shred alongside this, although am doing 3 weeks on each level. I've just started level 2. I am also dieting through Slimming World so am doing a triple whammy to fight the flab.

So advise, given my calves are hurting and 2x 10 mins is tough should I do w6r2 until I feel more comfortable?

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There is nothing wrong with repeating a run, but the progression of the plan is such that if you complete a run, then you will most likely to be ready for the next one. If you are doing a lot more exercise than you are used to, then an extra day between runs may be in order.

As for the calves.......Are you stretching after runs? Thes are a good set of stretches.


I think you should rest for an extra day or two and stretch before and after your next run there should be no reason not to move forward as long as you have well fitting shoes of course ! Good luck ;)


Week 6 trips a lot of people up, me included - I hated Runs 1 and 2 and then magically run 3 all came together and it was my favourite one of the whole programme! I think we get to a point where stopping to walk in between hurts more.

I'd say have a go! You might just surprise yourself. :-)


Make sure you're eating enough. Eat really good foods while you're running and doing Jillian Michaels exercises. Only good grub will help support your running.

I would move on after each run if at all possible

If you need an extra day betweens runs then have one. You don't need to go fast on these runs, slow is fine.


You might need to start thinking about your vitamin and mineral intake. I take high5 zero tablets to prevent calf cramps from cycling, they replenish potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. If you're on a tight diet you may be lacking in things like this, aching muscles could be a sign of a shortage of nutrients of some sort? What is 30 day shred?


it's a torture scheme ;) 30 minutes of High Intensity exercise, divided in 3 parts - this is part 1 ...


Wow. If all else fails...!


Thanks folks, I appear to have brewing a cold, and was quite poorly at work today - even fell asleep at my desk. I did not do any excercise today and tomorrow I may have another day off.

I am hoping a couple of early nights and 2 days total rest from exercise will see my right.

I will look at my diet just in case that isn't helping. I have some horse pills that contain magnesium and potassium but I struggle to swallow the damn things.


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