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C25K and Slimming World

Does anyone follow Slimming World aswell as doing the C25K programme? I'm about to start week 4 tonight so I've had 3 weigh in weeks whilst doing this. Week 1 I lost 3lb, week 2 I lost 4.5lb and last night I out 1.5lb on!

My eating during the last week as been within the Slimming World plan 100% so it was a shock to put weight on. I know when you start exercising that muscle retains water for a while which will make you heavier but I thought that would be at the start of the programme not 3 weeks in.

Anyone that does C25K and Slimming World how do you find the programme affecting the scales?

Apologises for the long post,


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Hi there and well done you.. have you had a peek on the Weight Loss forum?

There is a lot of info on there. Many of the folk on here are also on that forum too and find it works really well for them :)


Keep posting about your runs on here too, though please:)

Onward and upward


I don't do slimming world but I watch what I eat, not hawkishly but near enough, there are some weeks when you'll lose a lot of weight, normally at the beginning and then other weeks you may actually put some on, weight loss and exercise works well together BUT I personally don't weigh myself that often as there are many factors that can actually skew the results.

When I do weigh myself it is in a morning but before I run if it's a run day.

Don't get disheartened, there will be times when you will either plateau or put a little on, don't forget you are only 3 weeks in.

The motto I work to as I lose weight is it tool me a long time to put it on, there is no quick fix, so it'll take me a while to take it off. Don't get me wrong, I'm not using this as an excuse for not losing the weight quickly, losing weight too quickly normally means you'll have trouble keeping it off, I'm aiming for 2lbs per week, 3lbs MAX, some weeks I'll hit the 2lbs, some I may be over and others may be less, I'm not worried, I know I'm getting fitter with every week of the program and I know at some point my body will find a happy medium of where it wants to be.

I've never seen the Slimming World diet but try throwing in the odd bit of avocado, olives and definitely some oily fish.

I'm no expert, the above is working for me, since May this year I'm almost 3 stone down

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Ive been doing slimming world since Jan and just started back with the C25K program after some time out with a niggly foot, ill keep a watch now ive started back and keep you updated, im currently 3st down Since starting SW


I am doing SlimmingWorld as well always eat 100% on plan apart from a few alcoholic beverages at the weekend and every 3rd week I have a slight gain or maintain but it's rectified the following week!!! I too thought with this I would actually lose more between 2 and 3 lb a week but we're getting fitter good luck xx


The thing is you will be burning fat off BUT you will be gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat so potentially you could gain weight though I'm sure if you look in the mirror you will see the difference (firmer more toned)


No, you will not be gaining muscle. running does not make you gain muscle. Nor is it possible to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time or gain muscle whilst in a caloric deficit.


Tell that to my newly shaped legs 😝 Surly you gain muscle if you start from nothing and start running? Or have I uncovered what was there under my fat layer?


a very sweeping statement, so the reduction in my moobs, belly etc and increased size on thighs etc are a figment of my imagination


I do both but lose weight incredibly slowly so focus on the NSVs! I'm about to start wk9 of C25k and in the last 3 weeks have noticed the inches disappearing rather than the lbs. I'm presuming that the scales will catch up eventually!

I've increased my protein intake a little on running days but made sure everything is free and follows the slimming world plan.

Keep going with both and make sure you get your silver or gold award for body magic!


Thanks for the replies people. I've lost 4st with slimming world so far so it was just a shock to see the scales go the wrong way when I know I've eaten right. I will keep an eye on it over the next few weeks and see how it goes. I'm starting week 4 run 1 tonight! It seems like a big hike in running time this week. 😮


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