5K + aching knees + future plans

Since graduating 5 weeks ago I've been running 3x30 mins each week and averaging 4.25K each run. Today I thought I'd run for 5K and see how long it would take, and I did it in 34 mins 18 seconds. It's only my second 5K (first was W9R1 and included warm up walk) so I'm quite pleased with the time.

I had very achy knees for the first couple of weeks of the programme, but it settled and I did the rest of it with no problems. But for the past 2 weeks my knees have been aching again. I'm guessing it's a combination of my speed increasing + the inclines I've been adding to my runs. I should ideally run one more week of 3x30 mins to consolidate, but I'm going to start aiming for longer distances so I can incorporate a walk/run schedule to build stamina and give my knees a break from constant running. I think I'm more suited to run for longer times/distances than faster...it takes me 20 minutes to get comfortable with the run, and then I'm raring to go! Plus I have no plans to enter any races so I don't need to specifically work on improving my speed...that's happening gradually on its own anyway the more I run.

Have a good weekend!


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5 Replies

  • That is fantastic! Firstly graduating from C25K which I know takes a huge commitment. Also that you have a regular running routine. I carried on with 30 minute runs at first too as I hadn't realised my body was still recovering from C25K because my legs were still a little achy. I did a 5k at graduation on parkrun in 43 minutes so your time is brilliant! I then started doing 3 X 5k a week and as it was a real challenge, did that for a long time. Keep up the good work, have you tried strength and flex exercises, my legs have been much better since I started this? The other thing is running on soft ground, grass is ideal but also muddy tracks as it is all pretty dry now. Since I introduced soft surface running,mi have been able to run further and I do 2 x5k plus a long run each week (longest is 15k but usual long one is 10)! I built up distances very gradually once I found 5k OK.

  • My first 5K time was 40 mins, today's time is after 5 weeks of running running running and slowly getting faster :) I don't do strength and flex but twice a week either do weights/yoga/swim (although mostly weights), and lots of stretching after runs.

    I run on the treadmill (too hot here to run outdoors), so the soft ground/grass/pavement discussion is theoretical for me. I think (hope) the walking breaks of a walk/run plan will help both my knees and my stamina. But yes, gradually building up the distance is the plan!

  • Your plan sounds sensible, whenever you up speed, distance or elevation it has an effect, the 10% rule is a really good gauge I think. I hope your knee feels better soon. 😎

  • Thanks juicyju!

  • I did W9R2 this morning and my knees have been sore for the first time since about week 4 this week. Think it's fits and starts

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