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Week 2... Frozen peas & knees

Just ran w2r3... It's Saturday and my last run was Tuesday so having a bit of extra time off as my knees are hurting and I don't want to damage them. The pain is on the inner leg side of my knee cap and feels tweaks... Not agony.

Anyway I managed the run this morning but much much slower than the last two - didn't feel like id worked hard at all... But my knees were still saying ouch so I didn't want to push it. Maybe I've been trying too much too soon? It did get easier as i progressed though.

I put frozen peas on them when I got in! Hoping this and some nhs knee strengthening exercise recommended on here might help. A bit fed up as now I've accepted the challenge to start c25k I don't want to fall at the first hurdle :|

Planning on not running again til at least Tuesday and doing week 2 through again. Any advice on a way forward ?


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Can you get gait analysis done before you run again? That's where my knee pain was and I pushed too much and needed a month off so you are right to be careful. Ice and rest is best ! :) Good luck !


Thanks for the advice. I will try to get gait analysis. Right now I just have cheap decathlon trainers.

My mum says when I was little the doctor said 'thats the most knock- kneed child I ever seen' :O and I don't feel like my feet are physically capable of landing on my heels like Laura suggests, so good shoes will probably help a lot!!



When I was in sports direct last week they had inexpensive shoes in there, supportive and neutral types, might be worth trying some on to see how they feel ! ( In our shop the best shoes were in the women's section) You may well have flat feet and if so running without support will harm your knees. I am a podiatrist and was able to get insoles for my daughter (who is flat footed) She wears a nice pair of well supporting neutral trail shoes with insoles and has had no knee problems ! If you can get your Mum to watch you walk in your trainers she should be able to see from behind if you roll inwards. Then maybe take her to Sports Direct and get her to watch you walk in some of their trainers. Good well supporting trainers do not need to cost the earth ! ;) My problem is hyper mobile knee joint BTW that's a different problem and no shoe will help that ! ;)

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Thankyou. I am in town tomorrow so will see if I can pop in sports direct. Good advice.

I am 48, my mum is 86 so think I'll manage on my own, or get my daughter to check my walk - haha ;D just had knock knees all these years!



lol Nearly as old at me you need someone else to look and it will be as you walk away she may notice you roll inwards from your ankle. You can post a photo of you standing bare footed I can tell best from behind ! It is not something you could judge for yourself! Hope you can sort it out !! ;)


Hi Tortoise. I agree with Ridingstar, see if you can gait analysis done. I had mine done in a specialist running shop I found through google. If you google gait analysis, running shop in...(insert your local town) something should come up. Good luck.


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