W4R2 It would be okay if it wasn't for the knees!

Well, I took an extra rest day before W4R1 to give my knees an extra day's rest. Set off (wearing my new trainers) and it was okay but my knees were sore again later. So, I took 2 rest days before doing W4R2 - today. Knees were sore during the session. So frustrating as I felt like I had the stamina to run better / further / faster but my knees were having none of it - especially the right one. I completed the session (running on grass) but VERY slowly and cautiously. Did some good stretch exercises afterwards and am now elevating my knees and using an ice pack (although they don't look swollen). I plan to continue to take an extra rest day if my knees need it and to keep going with the programme and see if it's just 'beginner's knee' and also see if the new trainers help. I'll seek a medical view if it doesn't become easier soon.


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  • Sensible!!! Take it steady and do, if things do not ease, seek expert advice!

  • Will do, Oldfloss. Many thanks.

  • We keep saying slowly slow slower,in any order πŸ™‚

    New runners knee is my diagnosis but I ain't no doc.

    Slow running builds legs Oh and rest days πŸ™‚πŸ‘

  • Thanks, Misswobble. I'm hoping you're right.

  • Ianson. My knee was fine when I first started the programme but as the weeks went on my left knee would hurt after each run. I think it's because my knees aren't strong enough to cope yet so I've had 10 days off and now my knee isn't hurting at all. For me after the runs I was stretching and icing the knee when it was very sore and have taken some Arnica (as per my big sister's instructions - she's a homeopath.) I went for a massage too, she she thought it was a ligament issue due to overuse. Tomorrow I'm going to start running again - although I graduated a couple of weeks ago I'm going to try Week 4 run 1 - just to test it out. I might need to take it uber slowly and if it's ok then I'll keep running and build up the time slowly. You could try slowing things down a bit and see if that helps. Good luck

  • Thanks, AngeScott. Hard to imagine how I could go any slower.... Hope it goes well for you tomorrow. With your good right knee and my good left one, we'd have a decent pair!

  • I am extremely slow but I don't care. I am too overweight to run fast but over time it'll happen. Thank you - I will be going slower than ever. πŸ˜‚ very true about a decent pair! I hope your knee feels better soon.

  • How's your knee, AngeScott?

  • It is so much better. I did a 3km - week 4 style run in the week and it coped well. I have been a marshal at a Park Run this morning and hope to run it again in a couple of weeks. How are your knees doing?

  • Glad to hear it's on the mend. I did the first 2 runs of week 4 last week but am now resting up until there is no knee soreness. Almost there. I'm keen to get back out there! Park Run marshall? Well done, you.

  • I went to see a massage therapist who suggested some KT tape which she applied. It helped I think so I've bought more and watched a video on how to apply it. So if my knee hurts I'll give that a go. Have you got knee supports? Make sure you ice them to bring down inflammation πŸ‘

  • Using lots of ice packs and bought a knee support - thanks. Hoping it has all helped and I'll be okay for tomorrow. Hope the tape works for you. I'll go to GP / physiology if my knees 'relapse' tomorrow. Thinking about getting a roller and wondering if that might help, generally.

  • Glad you're on the mend. I'm getting there. Knees feel better everyday. I'm going to give week 4 a go tomorrow and see how I get on.

  • I'm so pleased to hear your knees are getting better. I hope that your run goes well today πŸ‘

  • I think a roller might be useful. I'm going to have a go at running without the support tape and see what happens. Have only run once in the last week but hoping to run 3 times a week from now.

  • How did you get on with Week 4? How are your knees coping?

  • What a difference some proper shoes, some ice and lots of stretching make..... I still get the odd twinge in one of my knees but I'll be doing.....trying..... W5R3 today. I've been doing okay on the runs do far - thanks to going VERY slowly, I think. Thanks for asking, AngeScott - hope all is okay with you?

  • My knee is still hurting. I'm still on the IC. Have tried two runs and knee still sore. I am ok though and am going to see the chiropractor soon to see if there is anything amiss with my pelvis as this could cause knee pain. After that I will have a good idea of what to do. I'm still walking and swimming so not completely frustrated! πŸ‘

  • I had very sore knees when I started to run. The personal trainer at the gym advised me to work on my abductors and adductors to help strengthen them, and also glute work. Seems to be working for me, maybe you could see someone who would be able to advise if this is appropriate for you? Hope your knee issues are getting easier.

  • Thanks for this, Indigogirl. I've increased my stretching since the knee pain. IannodaTruffe helpfully gave me a link to some knee exercises and I include these into my stretching session on rest days and after runs. You're absolutely right re glutes..... If I don't do glute stretches, I feel it afterwards!

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