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Week 2 run 3 knee pain advice


Evening all, so today I did week 2 run 3 but had to abandon half way through cause my knees were just too painful and felt like I was going to do damage if I pushed it. I was disappointed but definitely made the right decision but can anyone recommend anything to help with the knee pain? It's like a crampy pain and worse with pressure. I have really enjoyed the couch to 5k so far and really don't want to stop

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Were you following the advice in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... in respect of minimising impact?

That will help, as will doing the knee strengthening exercises linked to in the guide. Knee braces may also help.

Maybe take an extra rest day between runs until your muscles strengthen.


You should have received a mail from the admin team here giving you details about beginers' exercises. You can also follow the following link.


Hey, I hope you’re ok, someone else posted about knees today and there was a lot of info posted on that thread. Take good care and you’ll be back on c25k soon I’m sure!


Follow the link given to you by IannodaTruffe ... and those knee exercises will help :)


You’ve nothing to be disappointed about, quite the opposite... part of becoming a runner is learning, and part of that is learning when not to run and indeed when to abort the run.

The knee strengthening exercises work... I’ve gone from pain in both every day for 30 years to strong pain free knees over the last 8/9 months... and I’m loving my running. Take some rest from high impact work, do strengthening work to the ankles, knees and core especially... not all pains are evident where the issue actually manifests itself, and enjoy the journey through this plan at the right rate for you... when you complete it you’ll be a fitter, stronger, healthier runner.


I’m in a similar but slightly different position. Sailed through week one which was a relief as had to abandon C25K in October due to knee and foot pain. Slight knee pain on W2 R1 and then yesterday on W2 R2 increased knee pain plus under ankle pain. Wear proper shoes and run on a mix of roads and tracks. Did some strengthening exercises in the Winter but will need to start them up again. Will take a couple of days off and then pick up again. Is it possible that some people just can’t run?


Try strengthening exercises for your quads and hamstrings which should keep your knee in place


Hi there. I had left knee pain in weeks 3 and 4. It was getting increasingly worse and although it always decreased during the rest days, it was very painful straight after a run. I did think I would have to abandon but at the end of week 4 I wore a compression bandage which seemed to help and amazingly from week 5, all pain was a lot better. It was as though everything settled down. So far so good now (week 6). I think it was as some others suggest, muscles getting used to running (though I am very slow). But, as always, if it doesn’t ease up or you feel unusual pain, see your GP.


I had a similar problem, into week 7 and my knee just seemed to give way, tried gels, anti inflammatory tablets nothing really worked so went to a physio, she said that it wasn’t my knee it was the muscles in my thigh and bum which had tightened up due to the running, she did deep tissue massage and gave me exercises a month later and I am going to try to restart again, and also get a gait analysis test done to make sure that you are wearing the right running shoes not trainers as I was told

Another thing she said was to stretch before running and after with this problem

Might be worth a trip to physio

Just be careful

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