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Week 3 done

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Well that was a challenge but it’s done. On my final run of the week it occurred to me that I might be walking too quickly. That’s the easy bit so seem to be going for it during the walk but slowed that a little and I wouldn’t describe my run as comfortable but it was manageable, just.

1/3rd of the way through the programme and I think this is me finding what works for me. Lots more lessons to come through the remaining 2/3rds but as long as I still here I’m happy

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Well done.

Your walking pace should be as fast as you can manage, whilst still being able to talk clear ungasping sentences.......... likewise with the running.

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Good work ! ⭐️ One of the best things about doing this programme, for me, has been getting to understand my capabilities and what works for me. Glad you’re finding that too ! Happy running 😀

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