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What you wearing? 🤔


So, had a little thought last night! (Dangerous) I see all the post about how well we’re all doing with the C25k and it’s brilliant, me personally have never felt so motivated before after reading the post

But what gear have you all got, I got nike running shoes, pairs of trackies , running top but with a hoodie on...

Anything else I should look in to?

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I would say that you need a selection of outfits to account for different weather conditions. A lightweight rain jacket and a decent wicking running shirt along with shorts are a must.


For winter running layers are important.

As K8nno says, you will soon realise that a wicking sports shirt is hugely preferable to a cotton t-shirt.

Gloves and a buff are at the top of my winter gear list.........

..........in the summer, wear as little as you can get away with!

Have you read the guide to the plan? healthunlocked.com/couchto5... it is full of tips.

Ahh thanks Guys, will definitely need to do a bit of shopping today then


My everyday trainers, jeggings, fleece, t-shirt etc. I’ve been unemployed for two years and we’re living on my husband’s disability benefit and Carer’s Allowance, so I can’t justify spending money on fancy gear. A lot of folk recommend Aldi if you’re financially stuck, but I’m very short and very fat so stock sizes are no use to me. However, if you’re equally skint, don’t despair. You can do this in ordinary clothes. Just pay attention to your legs and feet: if they start to hurt, slow down. Always change your cold sweaty t-shirt as soon as you get home, to avoid chills. And remember most of southern Africa runs barefoot and Roger Bannister ran the four minute mile in plimsolls ! Happy running, everyone 😄

I honestly never thought about Aldi! I got a little budget, most of what I got is from sports direct I.e top and arm band etc I got the problem of sizes as-well, I’m quite big built/muscle haha look more like a rugby player so even bra’s have been a issue but will definitely check out aldi

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Have fun out there, whatever you’re wearing x


In a wet cold weather above freezing, I wear sports tights (cheap supermarket type), sports bra, a long-sleeved synthetic thermal undershirt from my XC skiing days, a very light windbreaker jacket with a suitable pocket for the MP3 player and lots of reflective details (which I also wear when cycling), a knit hat and gloves. In sub-freezing temperatures I add a light fleece-type layer. In summer, it is much simpler - comfortable shorts and any shirt, either long or short-sleeved, and a belt pouch for phone, keys, tissues etc if the shorts are pocketless. Contrary to the ubiquitous commercially biased advice, cotton T -shirts are great for running in hot weather, especially for short runs.


I got a couple of nice moisture wicking tops (sleeved and sleeveless) from Matalan. Large enough for me, which can often be a challenge. :)


I’m still shorts and T-shirt, but I’m a little crazy! Running socks?

No way! How...too cold for my liking, crazy!

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47F here right now, 45 is apparently the perfect running temperature... at some point it’ll be too cold and I’ll have to get those tights.

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