Summer running. What are we wearing ladies?

I was thinking after reading a post the other day about what to wear when it heats up. I am currently running in cropped leggings (well actually my scapri but basically leggings) and a short sleeved tshirt. Not sure I could wear much less than that but temperatures were up to the late 30s here last summer and I don't fancy trying to run when it is that hot. I did see one girl out running in just a sports bra and legging but don't think I could manage that one although she looked great and perfectly at ease. 

What are you wearing when it hots up?


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111 Replies

  • Capri pants,  and a burnout tesco running top, which is the coolest I own.  The ones they have now look huge and baggy 😕

  • Never heard of burnout tops. Is it a special material?

  • I wear capris and a running vest in the summer months. I prefer going early in the Summer as running in direct sun is incredibly hard!!

  • I wear a lidl vest sometimes but usually a tee shirt

  • Will have a look at vests. Only have tshirts at the moment and long sleeved tops for when it is cold. If I'm wearing tshirts and cropped leggings now though, I need something less for summer.

  • Yes, I think going out as early in the day as possible is going to be the real solution. I don't have any vests. More shopping :)) I can get a couple though. Thanks for that.

  • I would suggest finding a vest that doesnt have any ridge under the arm. I have scars from chaffing ( I am an old bird, its the bingo wings!!)

  • Good tip. Chaffing is going to be a real problem in summer, isn't it?

  • I suggest getting Bodyglide and rub it everywhere. I have scars on my arms, tummy and back- look like I have been whipped!!

  • Flippin heck and I was so looking forward to summer when I started this lark in winter. Bodyglide? Never heard of it but I'll go and have a look. Going to be well prepared when or if the heat sets in.

  • I use Sudacream (as used on babies for nappy rash!!) on under the arms when wearing vest in summer. Works fine for me and nor expensive. Guessing similar to body glide.

  • Thanks that's another good tip! I also like the sound of the Merrill sprint cap UV factor 50 mentioned on another post. If that keeps the rays off and your head cool, it would be worth looking into.

  • Loose short sleeved shirt and short running tights.  You're a little self conscious the first time, but they are much cooler than my capri's.  Lots of ladies here do tank tops (which I'm going to buy this year), or just a sports bra.  

  •  I could manage short running tights with a longish tshirt, preferably covering my bum but would feel really self conscious in just a sports bra. Good for those women who are at ease wearing them though. Will have a look for short running tights. Thanks!

  • I can't do the sports bra either.  But something is very freeing about short tights or short-shorts though.  Nice to feel the sun on the pasty legs.

  • I am just wondering if I did better because everyone was blinded by the glare off my wee white legs!

  • Run early in the morning, before it gets too hot. I will probably just melt - I'm already coming back soaked and it's still quite cold in the mornings. But the more weight I lose the better my heat tolerance gets. 

    Haven't decided what to wear yet - only started running this winter, so I'm also interested in the replies. 

  • It'll have to be early mornings, won't it? I'm not very good at getting up and out super early but looks like I will need to change!

  • Vest top with a racer back and shorts for me this year xxx

  • Always wonder with those backs what you wear under them. Do you wear a normal bra with straps over the shoulders?

  • Hi , you can get sports bra's with racer backs too xxx

  • I think you have to pull them over your head though? Try to avoid those types of bras since I got frozen shoulder. It has healed now but movement in one shoulder is still restricted. I used to find it a nightmare getting those tight bras off when they were sweaty. Too much detail perhaps.. I like the look of those racer back tops though.

  • Oh poor you xxx Yes they do go over your head . Getting a sports bra off when its all sweaty is an art in itself isn't it ? :-) xxx

  • Certainly makes for some interesting moves, and language!

  • Ha ha , very true ! :-) xxx

  • I just got a front fastening sports bra (shock absorber, brand new off eBay for £12!) for this very reason. Wore it out for its maiden voyage this morning and it was great - SOOOO much easier to get out of than my other sports bra! And it's pretty much a racer back too, although I don't think it matters at all if your sports bra shows when running - it's necessary equipment!

  • What a bargain , well spotted ! :-) xxx

  • That's a good price. Yep, front fastening or even back fastening is easier than pull on for me, especially since sports bras have to be so *!* tight.

  • Now there's a picture! Nobody needs to see those moves!

  • You can get a little plastic clippy thing that pulls the straps together in the middle of your back so the bra-staps can be hidden. I've never tried them - I prefer the racer-back style sports bras.

  • Never heard of those Sarah, thanks.

  • That's great Sarah , thanks for posting this. I saw some of these clips in M & S but didn't have a clue what they were for ! xxx

  • Not sure how good they are as i've never used them. I don't know how they would cope with the stress on them during running. I have visions now of them pinging off at a really inappropriate moment....

  • Good point ! We would have someones eye out ! :-) xxx

  • ha ha yes I can envisage that!

  • Do you wear loose fitting shorts or short tights? I have thinnish sport shorts but there is a lot of material because they're so loose and I can imagine them riding up between the legs.

  • Ive got both ! Ive got some tight ones like cycling shorts then I have some flappy ones like football shorts. The flappy ones do tend to well flap about a bit tbh. I prefer the cycling short type ones xxx

  • Actually I have a pair of those kicking about somewhere. Totally forgot about them but I'll see if I can unearth them. Thanks!

  • Did anyone else start humming Summer Loving from Grease when they read the title of this post...or was it just me... ;)

  • I'm Sandra D and all would you believe?

  • Really ? How fab is that ! xxx

  • Think of the lyrics of that other one : Look at me I'm Sandra D...

  • " Keep your filthy paws , off my silky drawers " Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • How can a girl live that down?!

  • I didn't start singing the song, I do know it but I read the title as summer loving by mistake oops lol

  • If only that is what I had to post about! Bit kinky on a running forum though

  • It was just you ha ha  ( only joking :-)   xxx

  • for me a pair of loose shorts and a running t'shirt, I couldn't run in just a sports bra either, I'd feel far to self-conscious because I have a bit of weight to lose around my mid section

  • I do too but even if I was very thin I am not sure I wouldn't feel exposed. Mind you we wear less at the beach I suppose. I feel a bit uncomfortable in lycra leggings even and like a long tshirt or jacket over them or my scapri which I absolutely love - it is a short lycra skirt with integrated Cropped leggings. I have two now and it is what I am most comfortable running in.

  • Do the shorts ride up between your legs at all when you run?

  • They do sometimes I think it depends on how much I sweat down there, usually can find a pair of shorts that don't ride up (I have at least 10 pairs of shorts) I'm going to keep wearing the compression socks but they are white so hopefully won't cause me to warm up to much, the shorts I have with the netting on the inside (I get men's shorts) they don't tend to ride up, only the ones that haven't got a netting on the inside of the shorts

  • Interesting. Will raid my husband's drawer for his tennis shorts. He doesn't do any sport anyway. See if they fit...

  • I always wondered what the point of that netting was actually.

  • It makes me feel more comfy whilst wearing the shorts and it wasn't until you asked about the shorts riding up did it dawn on me that they didn't when I wore one's that had netting in.

  • maybe that is the point of it then?

  • My cycling ones don't, the other ones maybe just a little bit but not enough to be uncomfortable xxx

  • Capris and a vest top - not brave enough to go down to a crop top!

  • Me neither. Not yet anyway. Not sure the world wants to see me in one either really. I'm thinking tight lycra shorts and a longish vest. Or maybe a tennis skirt with vest then it doesn't have to be long, i have one in hot pink and one in black. You can fit quite a bit in the pockets since they need to be deep enough to hold a couple of tennis balls.

  • I've heard that skirts just blow up in your chest as you run.  Too bad because they look cute.

  • Tennis skirts (at least mine) are quite short. They just cover your bum and have sort of leggings at the very top for the top of your thighs. You don't see them because the skirt covers them. They wouldn't blow up that high, they're also not really very wide or loose, otherwise they'd be impractical for tennis too.

  • When I was coming back from my run on Monday I passed another runner just heading out for hers. I think she was in her early 60s and she looked very smart. She was wearing a white polo shirt, a short black skirt like a tennis skirt and a white baseball cap. She looked very pulled together. I have a couple of tennis skirts come to think of it and since they have pockets and very short leggings, just over the tops of your thighs, I might try wearing one of those with a vest.

  • I like cropped capri length bottoms and a vest style top.

    I have tried shorts, but they do ride up :(

  • That's what I'm thinking. Don't want to be reaching between my legs all the time yanking them back down as I run. It is a shame because I think loose shorts would be my first choice. Men must have the same problem with shorts riding up though, or is it no problem for them being a different shape?

  • Not a stitch!!!! Going nekkie!!!

    Actually..just joking! Bought some new Capri pants for France and shorts..... daring! :)

    Still too chilly here to think about summer clothes brrrr! :)

  • I suppose we were designed to run about starkers. Our ancestors were a bit hairier I suppose and they must have had much smaller boobs - otherwise ouch! 

  • Tee hee... it was a joke! But you are right...:)

  • 'bit hairier and smaller boobs'.... sounds like me lol!!

  • Capris & vest top or tshirt. 

    Despite a year of running my thighs are still too chunky for shorts & like others have said they ride up my inner thigh something rotten which in turn causing chaffing........ ok too much info there...... sorry folks... 🤗

  • Shame, isn't it? I'd go for loose shorts but chaffing and riding up is a right pain. Did you see the post above about Bodyglide as protection against chaffing? I am looking into it.

  • When it's hot I just use the treadmill ;) I can't stand running in the heat. When it's hot I wear Capri exercise pants and a tank top. I wouldn't be comfortable in just a sports bra either. I don't feel like where I live is safe enough for me to do that.

  • Don't remember where you are but safety as a woman out and about is always an issue I suppose. I also have to cross a main shopping street - think Oxford Street on my way to my run which means I would really not feel comfortable without a top over my sports bra. I know some of them are bright, patterned and chunky and don't look as if you are running about in underwear but amongst a crowd of fully dressed people I would feel self-conscious.

  • Yes, it could be a little awkward! I'm going to try my swimming skirt in a couple days to see if it flaps up. if not, that seems like a good alternative to shorts.

  • That should work.

  • Yeah I'm pretty small stature-wise and have yet to get a can of pepper spray, so I like to be extra careful ;)

  • I ordered a couple over amazon. They cost more that way but saves going out and hunting them down. I took mine this morning since I wasn't sure how empty and creepy the park would be early in the morning in the rain. As it was, there were runners about but not everywhere and so I was glad to have it. Have never actually used it but just knowing it is there and my hand can reach it easily gives me a better feeling. Apparently though you need to ensure you are not too close to your attacker because there is a danger they can rip it out of your hand and turn it on you and then you're stuck.

  • I have gone as far as a vest top and short shorts - above the knee if you don't mind!  Unseemly in an over 30s lady but who cares!  :)

  • Youre such a rebel, Marina ! :-) xxx

  • It is far from a pretty sight but who cares!  How are the pugs?

  • Ha ha , I am sure you look absolutely fine xxx Pugs are good ta , but being very badly behaved now that advert is back on the telly for Amazon with that little Shetland pony . They go absolutely nuts when it comes on ,running up to the telly and putting their pug paws all over it !  Pah !

    Is Happy H okay ? :-) xxx

  • Happy H is fabulous.  Had to buy a canny collar so I can actually walk to the park with him - he hates it but it means I can walk him using two fingers instead of both hands!!

  • Are you wearing baggy shorts or close fitting lycra ones, you daredevil?

  • Daredevil - enough said - knocked at least 30 seconds off my PB if I remember right - too cold for them just yet!

  • yep definitely too cold but thinking ahead here.

  • I am already into 3/4 lengths and possibly going up another bit!

  • yep, me too and it is not really warm yet.

  • Even worse looking when you're a lady over 60. But first summer running I had strangest tan line - White ankles/ feet and white from mid calf upward so really funny when wearing a skirt. So last year bought Lycra shorts which stop about 3 ins above knee. I don't think I had worn shorts for over 30 yrs. Hate my knees but hey ho would rather be comfy on my run. Just didnt look in any mirrors. 

  • Hadn't thought about tan lines. That's going to look funny with sandals and a skirt.

  • ooh I have just discovered the EDIT button. I am always apologising for my tipos. Feel such a fool since you can actually go back and correct them. I am feeling my age today.

  • To summarise: vest tops (including snazzy racer backs if you can handle the matching bras), close fitting lycra shorts, including very short ones. Baggy men's shorts with the netting inside (check out your man's closet, he won't notice), Bodyglide anti-chaffing protection and I think I'll try out my tennis skirts. Just happiest with my bum covered for some reason, feel less exposed.

    For the brave and beautiful or the beautifully brave: sports bras/cropped tops plus short lycra shorts. If that is still too hot, you're in trouble.

    Alright let me get shopping.

  • Does anyone here have a running dress? There's a cycling online shop in the UK that sells them, they're from the US. I wonder what they are like to run in. Not sure if they have pockets either.

  • Bop    you only need vaseline for anywhere that chafed,  which is cheap as chips and works perfectly with just a smear 

    Sports bras, tops etc are flat seamed, and the fabric wicks sweat away from our bods, so you should be able to run comfortably.  if you go  out earlier or later in the day, when we do have warm weather, that helps too ☺

  • True Vaseline is great for thigh chaffing. Thanks for that! I think it'll have to be very early in the morning which is not really my thing, let's be honest but hey ho... There's a poster just now writing that it Is too hot to run at 6 am in Mumbai so I suppose we really don't have that much to complain about. Last summer was unbearably hot here, really awful. Nearly 40 degrees at times and no respite. Was so glad to get to Crete. It was much cooler due to the ocean breeze. Greeks couldn't believe it when we told them that. Everyone thinks of Berlin as really cold but the summers aren't mild. Last summer was really the pits though.

  • Burnout is in the weave.  The fabric is  randomly thin in places.  When you hold it up, you can see through it in places,  hence it being pleasantly draughty 😊 I wear a coral coloured bra top under it as a contrast .   I wear it a lot, had it yonks, and despite it being dead cheap, it's wearing well

  • That's interesting. I'll have to look out for that.

  • I've got a crop top that I haven't been brave enough to wear yet,(had it at least a year)  however, I've also ordered myself some new Capri leggings that have space invaders on, you know (if you're a certain age) the game that used to be in pubs.  They are a black base with multi coloured space invaders, can't wait to get them, anyway, if the waist comes up high enough, I just might wear the crop top (over my bra, I'm not that small! ) when it gets warm, my reckoning is that people will be too busy looking at the leggings to stare at my (wobbly) midriff!

    Otherwise it will be a vest racer back, shorts/crop leggings

    Mx 😄

  • Yep I remember those! I'm still at the stage of trying not to draw too much attention to myself when I run, but I will become braver (she tells herself). Those capris sound like fun. A crop top would be flashing my least good feature if you get me , so I might wait a bit on that one! You go for it, if you have those cool leggings, you are a bit of a wild one and not as hung up as me. All my leggings are plain black.

  • Well it has taken me some time! At our park run anniversary the theme was 'super heroes' one lady wore an all in one shiny metallic cat suit that hid nothing! Mind you she had the figure to wear it, (and about 20 years younger than me, no kids etc.,). However in the summer some do wear crop tops, so I think I should be braver......


  • Go on, you know what? If you do, I will. How's that?

  • Only just managed a short sleeved shirt for the last couple of outings ... and it was a girly fitted one ... not the usual stolen from hubs baggy affair ... felt exposed and unnatural but soon forgot about it whilst getting my head down and into the run ... I do however wonder too how it will be when and if the temperatures in the UK remember it's some kind of summer we need! ;-)

  • It seems weird to be hoping for a cooler summer this time round, just so the running will be easier!

  • Last year I wore capris and a lovely wicking tee-shirt from Sainsburys with a cutout section in the back. Sadly they don't seem to be doing the same style this year so suspect I'll have to get a vest top. May get shorts too but definitely fitted ones. Early morning running is the best way to stay cool though. Can't wait for those 5:30am starts!! 😱😱😱

  • wow you are all so disciplined.

  • Great question as I have only run in cooler weather!  I have run in a long sleeved top with a short sleeved one on top, hat and gloves and long legged running tights.  Really appreciated the hat and gloves but they have gone now.  Think I might try just a short legged t shirt and maybe capris if the sun shines.  Not too sure I would ever go for shorts but I have seen some shorts with short tight leggings that finish above the knee.  Julie

  • I've dropped the gloves but generally start off in a hat and jacket and take them off when I start running. I feel cold if I don't put them back on for the way home though. Funny sort of inbetween weather. I did go out once without the hat and jacket and caught a bit of a cold so it is hard to know what to wear at times. Some days you get all kinds of weather in 24 hours. It is bright and sunny when you start your run, then the wind comes up and the rain falls, later it is sunny again. What do you wear for a run like  that?!

  • I hate it when I go out with a jacket, hat n gloves but after running for 10 mins, I am peeling them off, tying the jacket round my waist, carrying the hat n gloves but hard to get it right for beginning and end of a run

  • That's exactly what I've been doing Jools but what else can you do? I've given up on gloves but I still take a hat unless it is a rare warm day. Usually I roll it up and stuff it in a pocket but it weights the jacket down on that side as you run and slaps against your leg, so I tend to stuff that side of my jacket into the waist at the back. I must look a right sight but at least it will distract people from my running! It was bucketing down this morning so definitely needed the rain jacket though I saw some hardy young men just running wet , as it were. Hair plastered to their scalps and water running down their faces. They didn't look bothered.

  • Just came back from a run, three quarter Capri was ok but wearing a long sleeved top under a short sleeved one, way too much and had to find a way of removing the long sleeved top while keeping the outer one on to avoid offending everyone

  • You set yourself a difficult task there!

  • Don't be afraid of shorts.  Capris will become way too hot (I was too hot in mine today). You can get double layer ones where the inner layer protects your modesty as well as giving support.  Short sleeved or sleeveless T, or racer back. 

  • I hadn't really thought about capris being too hot but since I wear them now and it is around 12 degrees, I'll need something different if it hits 38 again this year. Quite possibly though I will be lying in a cold bath if that happens and doing nothing at all !

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