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Winter - What are you wearing for your run?


I'm struggling to get back out there with the dark drawing in and it getting colder. I can only run in the evenings after 7.30pm/8pm.

I usually run in a large, short sleeved t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, I work up a pretty good sweat as it is so it's just the first few minutes out that I'm worried about.

I don't like running with "things" so I thought with the cold weather if I ran with a long sleeved t-shirt under my short sleeve this may work and I won't get too hot and bothered or too cold?

Any suggestions and/or what are you running in? Gloves/beanies/fleeces?

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This morning it was only 6 degrees C (does anyone know the shorthand to key in for degrees?) It was drizzling so I set off in my long sleeved top and a light weight kagool over. Very quickly got too hot, rain started and I was soaked but also wet on the inside of the kagool - to be expected! Wished I had only run in my long sleeved top. But my head became SO so cold and I came home with very painful forehead (sinuses?) Like you - no idea what would be better. We must do it by trial and error before the real cold descends on us!

swanscotGraduate in reply to Beek

Degree symbol ° = Alt+ 0176 .

It was 6°C here too for my run yesterday and I was 'just right' in my long sleeved running top - no jacket. I wore my Ron Hill running cap and it kept my head dry in the rain as well as keeping the rain off my glasses.

Edited to add: this was for an easy run; if I'd been running intervals or a a hill session, I'd have gone in a short sleeved shirt.


When it's not raining and I don't need a cap (see other post). I wear a Buff on my head and usually fold it to make a 3-layer headband for over my ears and one layer over the top of my head. If it's really cold I may start off with another buff around my neck for a scarf.


so far i have just been wearing running tights and long sleeve top when cold, the only bit of me that was cold was my hands but only for about 8 mins. By the end all of me was hot.


I use a long sleeved compression top under a running top, a hi vis buff that I use as a scarf or hat until I get too hot then it gets twisted once and wrapped around my wrist. Light running gloves make a huge difference when it's chilly.

Did w8r2 tonight, about 6 degrees but felt colder due to wind - had on 2 pairs of running tights, long-sleeve base layer with t-shirt over, then long-sleeve running top over that, plus headband over ears and also gloves!!! I felt comfortable though quite hot by the end. Not sure what to do when temp drops further though - may end up like Michelin man?!

BTW - challenging day at work, really wasn't up for run at all, but made myself go out and reckon one of my best runs ever in terms of enjoyment and (a wee bit of increased) pace. Just goes to show it's worth sticking at it.


It's do hard to get right, I went for a 10 k run on Friday early, and I wore a long sleeved high necked top I'd bought and within 5 minutes I had to strip, and ended up in just my sports bra but I wasn't cold. When it gets really chilly, ill be wearing one of those buffs, my hubby got one free in his cycling mag and that helps, and gloves, good luck and well done for getting out there....


Thanks for all your replies. Those are all good suggestions. That Buff is fantastic, I think I will be investing in one of those as well some gloves. The compression vest sounds worth investigating. I think I've read somewhere else on here about them.

Many thanks and happy running!


From the link that Wilma gives above (Golden Rules)

"Dress for runs as if it's 10 degrees warmer than the thermometer actually reads" Note this is degrees F, so it would be about 5 degrees C.


above 70F or 21C --Lightweight/light-colored singlet and shorts

60 to 69F or 15 to 20C--Tank top or singlet and shorts

50 to 59F or 10 to 15C --T-shirt and shorts

40 to 49F or 4 to 9C --Long-sleeve shirt and tights or shorts

30 to 39F or -1 to 3C--Long-sleeve shirt and tights

20 to 29F or -1 to -6C --Two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer

10 to 19F or -7 to -12C --Two upper-body layers and one lower-body layer

SVR28 in reply to swanscot

Great info. This is really, really useful, thanks. Is there somewhere on here this could be posted so everyone can see it. Is it "pinned" or something?

swanscotGraduate in reply to swanscot

Just to add, the above worked for me last winter with one change. In temperatures below about -5C, although my legs were warm enough in just one layer, my butt cheeks got cold! I resorted to running with my shorts over my running tights on a few occasions.

SVR28 in reply to swanscot

That made me laugh, so true, I've experienced the same. Funny the things that get cold.

I'm not the slimest gal in the world so I think I might invest in the running tights and have my tracksuit bottoms on. Hopefully I won't get too hot but I have a feeling with this strange weather we are having at the moment we are in for a chillier than usual winter.

Sometimes I feel quite heroic when I go for my runs - me against the elements - come wind, rain, snow or sleet...

It's been getting pretty cold up in North Yorkshire lately! I was running in 5C this morning, I've got a long sleeved running top and running tights, and I also wear a headband to cover my ears (stops that horrible earache you get purely from having freezing ears!).

Saying this, I think I could do with a high necked/long sleeved top as it was hurting to breathe this morning.


I love my light weight hi vis jacket as it's an extra layer I can tie round my waist if it's too warm, a bit of drizzly rain protection and a must when out at night. Woolly hat & gloves are getting me through the 3 degree (C) mornings. Brrrrr.

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