What the heck was he wearing?

We were pottering round our 5k round the golf course. It was a slightly chilly slightly damp day. We were into our last km, when a bloke came jogging round the corner. At first I thought he was wearing a balaclava (along with jiggers and a jumper, all in black). But as he got nearer I saw it was a black hat and some sort of mask. There was obviously oxygen or something going through it as there was darth vader noises coming off it. But it looked, well a bit like that Baine (?) character off the last batman film. Anyone any guesses what the heck was going on?


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18 Replies

  • Go faster fuel perhaps!?!

  • No idea.....sounds a bit creepy though !

  • Bit like some cyclists wear in the city?

  • Ewwwww weirdooooooo! But maybe he was about to drop onto your balcony with chocolates ... 'just because the lady likes Milk Tray!'

    Heck, that dates me!!!! :( Anyone else remember him? ;)

    Cheers, Linda

  • Nah, he never landed on my balcony Linda :(

  • HaHa, I was too little and p****d off cos we didn't have a balcony! :)

  • Sure do Linda!

  • Ok. I think it was this:


    Or something like it!

  • OMG .... Now I've seen it all! I'm with Oldgirl on this one - what a poser with too much money and too little initiative: all he had to do was run faster, further and more often - then his lungs would improve! Or, of course, move to Nepal! LOl :D

  • Oh dear....

    You know, if I'd seen him, I think I'd be thinking 'What a plonker...'

  • Well Plinth I think you have found the answer but what a complete waste of money. I mean to improve your lung capacity surely all you need to do is work harder and whatever exercise you are doing.

  • Defo a weirdo!!

  • Maybe he's planning a trip to somewhere with high altitude and wants to prepare?

  • I guess. He definitely looked very spooky though. My brain went through robber, murderer, rapist before realising he was just a runner!

  • As mine would have done too Plinth, I'd've been making it very clear I had my dog with me... but if we are into not mocking and judging people (lumpy red faced slow runners like me for example)....

  • May have been a facemask that warms the air as you breath in to help stop that burning feeling on your chest when out in the cold and damp?

  • I think scater82 is onto something. Now it didn't seem to be too cold but still if you have severe asthma it might be for warming up the air. I'm using this instead. You still look weird but maybe not as bad :)


  • I'm afraid I can't help with what they were wearing ~ I'm just pleased that they were out running.

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