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C25K what have you done to me!


Sitting here on a day I would normally have run, but I have put off W8 r3 to tomorrow so I can take part in my first park run.

It's bl***dy frustrating. This mental conditioning programme that the NHS has been pushing is taking over.

I'm suffering from withdrawal and the fact it's a beautiful sunny day is not helping.

Please if your running today post something - I need to live vicariously through these posts - until I can get my fix of running tomorrow.

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Just done this one this morning ( sorry) but you will have a fab time tomorrow good luck x

RunForestRGraduate in reply to Frostycat2

Well done you, I'm not jealous much - but I will be reverting to my normal M W Friday schedule next week as I plan to Graduate next Friday - all things being equal, so will see you on here to mutually slap each other on the back.

Frostycat2Graduate in reply to RunForestR

Definitely!! my routine is the same as your so next Friday here we come

OldflossAdministrator in reply to RunForestR

Yeay! Friday is my normal run day..but torrential rain here at the coast scuppered that... well it was the thunder and lightning really... but next Friday I shall be out there :)

I've done wk8 r2 today and am weirdly looking forward to the next one, so kinda get where you're at. Hope tomorrow goes brilliantly - you should go out in double power because of your self restraint!

RunForestRGraduate in reply to CarolineLou71

Thanks CarolineLou71 - I hope so - but must remember to take it nice a steady and not let my competitive streak get the better of me.

Addict alert sounding off. Cant help with a running post as am on the IC but can send you positive running vibes for tomorrow....

RunForestRGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

I know - I feel like the "programme" should come with some small print.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to RunForestR

It does.. Warning: C25K can change your life for the better... for ever! :)


C25K had turned you into who you really are...getting stronger, getting fitter , loving life, even.......being sensible ( gulp).... and achieving amazing things...

I think it is marvellous and you are doing brilliantly:)

Go for it tomorrow... we will be right there with you.. you will know which one I am... by your side whispering... " slow and steady"!

Looking forward to your post! x


your post made me laugh! it's crazy isn't it. I am doing my week 7 run 2 for my second park run tomorrow. had a glute strain which has put me back 3 weeks! it's been tantalisingly slow waiting until injury free. yes the mental conditioning works😀🥇

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