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What are you wearing in the cold and rain?


I've overcome the public embarrassment and started wearing compression shorts and tights which seem to keep my legs dry and relatively warm but I struggle knowing what to wear on top. Today was my first real run in the miserably cold rain and it was a struggle though I did the 25 minutes and covered nearly 4.5km. I wore my usual running tshirt that keeps me dry and a long sleeved cotton top and then topped this off with a gortex lightweight jacket from my hiking days, and which used to fit ok over a thick jumper and when I was 20kg heavier. Not the ideal gear for running now.

Any pratical suggestions - needs to be light, waterproof and warm?

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We had a wee discussion on waterproof jackets a couple of weeks ago:



I wear a long sleeve wicking top and a thin windproof Ron Hill Vizion jacket in bright orange :-O

Its is not waterproof but keeps the worst off until I am warmed up. I just let myself get wet and don't fight it. Too many layers and I find that whilst it is nice at the start it soon becomes too much and I wish I hadn't.

I do sometimes wish I had an extra layer to put on at the end though for rainy cool down walks


I don't run outside, I have a treadmill in the attic (where I go and have me time) I open the windows as I do get hot, but my hands get cold. They are not too bad mid run but get cold quickly during the last 5 mins warm down. Why is this? The rest of me is hot and I sweaty (very unlady like I know, lol).

When I am brave enough to venture outside I'll remember this blog.


I'm with B1ddy. Except I do run outside, just not the rain. If the rain came on while I was out I might or might not finish the run, but I wouldn't go out if it was raining. Sorry, I know this is very wimpish ;-) - but at my relatively advanced age I'm not going to start jogging in the rain and snow - which we get a lot of in Switzerland. Come the winter it'll be the treadmill for me too, not sure how much I'm looking forward to that but from my one and only experience of a jog in the rain I'd say the treadmill will probably be the lesser evil...

And if it's not I'll remember this blog too :-)


Ive got a long sleeved compression top & a waterproof hi-viz cycle jacket


Strangely enough, in this little corner of England it hasn't rained in the last 9 weeks, or at least not on run days/nights. The most I've done is run through mizzle in a t-shirt and leggings. And no, I've not moved runs due to the weather. It's something I may have to think about in time though.....

I'm still in shorts and T shirt. Bought a lightweight running jacket and have worn it once. I might use it more as the year progresses but probably remove it part way round. At the moment I can't imagine full length bottoms though I may try capri length at some point.

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