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What music do you listen to when you run?

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Hey everyone!

W2R1 done and boy was it Hardee’s than last week! Phew!! I always notice a high after I run and I think that’s what keeps me going. I took a peek and W9 and it seems absolutely bonkers to think that could be me!!


I find music with total attitude and a very loud bass helps me run so I can’t hear myself breathless 😂

What do you guys like?

Also, is there a running app that you would recommend to track your speed/distance?

I had a look on my apple health and it seems I’ve improved my distance which is brilliant 😊

Sorry it’s such a long post. Just get all enthusiastic when I talk about it. Only you guys know I’m doing this so I store it all up till I post 😊

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You are doing well but slow your run down if you are breathless! Take each run as it comes.. the future ones take care of themselves. 👍Well done ✅ Keep on keeping on

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Running app: Strava.

Feel free to track time/distance/speed/pace but don’t get hung up on it. For example W3 is the shortest in time & you’ll wonder why your distance dropped. On C25K the only parameter that needs to be measured is time. Speed/pace/distance are not relevant. And your endurance will increase with distance - long slow runs are perfect. Track distance out of curiosity if you want but don’t set speed/pace goals until you can run 10km or 6 minutes.

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Misspiggy89 in reply to MarkyD

That’s great advice! I wouldnt have thought of that! Maybe I’ll hold off for a spell on strava because what matters is I’m getting out there for now 👍🏼 Thank you 😊

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It's great to be enthusiastic about your running. A lot of people use Strava to record the runs. Also I use Spotify the free version . Well done you 😊😊

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I use MapMyRun as it syncs well with MyFitnessPal which I'm also using to keep an eye on my calorie & water intake. (I'm so forgetful about water but much better now I enter it!). I listen to google play music or podcasts on Castbox app. I find it much easier to run with podcasts as i get sucked in to the conversation and forget I'm running. With music, I try sing along which messes with my breathing pattern oops!

Well done! :D

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I run to Jancanrun Retro runners on Spotify.

She used to post on here and made a lot of playlists for different people and their genres

I love the two tone and ska album it makes me smile.

I don’t suppose the youngsters on her know what two tone and ska is (it’s like reggae )

Takes me back to me and my sister singing in our bedroom and dancing at the Lyceum

There are lots of albums

in reply to Mumpark

I like the ska too.. 😁

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Sonia52Graduate in reply to Mumpark

I had Two Tone records back in 1979/80... ;) Currently jogging to epic crust because my other music on my iPhone is too fast beat wise. I love driving my car to Japanese hardcore, so maybe I should download some to my phone for jogging?

I played around with some playlists I had...started off with some dance/Ibiza tracks, then had a run where I listened to Belle & Sebastian which totally motivates me through...however yesterday, when I really wasn’t feeling the run I put on a playlist that has all the important songs for my wedding next year (first dance, walking up aisle etc) and when it got tough it reminded me that I’m doing this to get fit/try and lose a bit of weight/tone up to get into my wedding dress!!!!🤗

I listen to mainly punk rock and ska music when i run.. 🎶😊😎

Strava is a good app for tracking.

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I’m not really a huge fan of rap music normally, but it is great to run to, and the dodgy lyrics make me smile. Loads of good rap playlists on Spotify.


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