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W1R2 - Complete

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Finished my second run, and while doing the cool down, actually felt a bit disappointed it was over, and felt like I could gonna bit further. While tempted I didn't push myself. I don't want to risk hurting myself or putting myself off.

On a side note it's maybe not such a good idea to listen to Chris Moyle's podcast I laughed so hard I fell off the running machine 😃

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Fantastic and you’ve had a good laugh too, that’s perfection! Carry on listening to Chris, you’ll know the hazards now!! 😂😂! Well done you!! 💥 ❤️

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Huge welcome and well done.. please do check this post out if you haven't already :)

Take it slow and steady as you go... always leave something left in the tank...plenty of other exercise for some of your rest days to use up that energy!

Are you able then, when you are ready to get outdoors for some runs too:)

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Sanguineus in reply to Oldfloss

It's the plan yes, but it want to have a better level of fitness first as wellness a better idea of my running/walking speeds. I have a feeling I might go a bit faster out and about without the treadmill reigning me in.

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Great running... and sensible decision at the end, it’s good to know that you have some more in the tank at the end. Keep laughing and smiling, happy running.

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well done and although I have sometimes been tempted to do a little more I've not, best be left wanting more and looking forward to your next run!

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