W1R2 - Felt less sick

W1R2 - Felt less sick

I was pretty nervous about going back out this morning after how I felt towards the end of my first run, but it really wasn't quite so bad at all! I had a bowl of shreddies about an hour before I started and i think that this time I found that I had a bit more energy.

I was a bit concerned when a dog came up and sniffed me, but the owner was responsible and called it back much to my relief. The were a couple of other dog walkers around today too and I think that worrying that a dog might chase me (they didn't) helped to distract me from the running minutes.

This time I didn't retch at all (sorry for TMI) and although I started feeling a little bit sick during the 7th run, I kept it steady and my nausea didn't get any worse.

Had a lot of problems keeping my earphones in, but I have promised myself that I will buy myself some sort of pouch to hold my IPod once I complete Week 1. Having hair clips in to keep my long fringe out of my mouth, did make the runs more comfortable today though.

Speaking of comfort, just in case this is of interest to any other ladies with ample bosoms, I bought a new sports bra the other day, but when I tried it on, I realised that it didn't 'stabilise' my assets anywhere near as well as my rather old Berlei Shock Absorber, so my new one is going back. Next time I will definitely be trying on any new sports bras and shopping around for the best stability!


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14 Replies

  • Glad you felt better after this run. Ah, the shopping required for running :) I told myself it was a cheap sport - ha! But it's definitely essential to try on sports bras - and bounce around in the changing room :D I reckon the Shock Absorber is the best one for the job. Good luck with your next run - let us know how it goes!

  • Thanks, haha, I may have had a little bounce up and down in my bedroom, before deciding that my new sports bra couldn't hack it!

  • Well done you! My Wk1R2 today, still stiff and aching after R1, here goes!!!

  • Thanks, I was rather stiff after my first run, slightly less after my second. Hope that your run 2 went really well. I am going to look through the new blogs in a minute for inspiration.

  • good luck with the running, I promise you that it does get easier. For the earphone issue, have a look at the ear clip type, they work well for running


  • Thank you, I still have my fingers crossed that it will! Cheers for the link, when I finish run 3 of week 1, I may be ordering myself a pair!

  • Hi bigmomma! I've just done W1 R1 and I had to go back home to put some micropore tape over my ear buds to stop them falling out. Worked fine. Hope you are feeling even better now than your post suggests. Must be awful to feel sick. I set off and realised I hadn't eaten so went back and had a small portion of muesli. Felt o.k. You were a huge inspiration to me to get going. Thank you!

  • Well done fellow week one-er! Thanks for the tip. My ear buds slip out really easily, so I probably will get some ear clips soon, but if they drive me mad again on Saturday they may get taped! I love that someone as unfit as me could be an inspiration for someone else to start running. Thanks for making me smile!

  • Im using one of the M&S ones, it's about £18. I dropped a size to make a tighter fit and crossed the straps for a bit more support. Enell do a good one according to Oprah Winfrey I think? Shock absorber is a good one I read though these are more expensive. I'm down to a DD, size may make a difference to how well it performs. Be sure to jog on the spot and jump around to test how well you are held.

    Excellent that you got back out there again, well done Big-Momma. Have a banana after your run for potassium and other good stuff to help repair quicker. (I read eating within 20 mins for best effect apparently.). Your local sports direct should have a pretty cheap runners hand held bottle. I highly recommend getting a larger handheld and sipping as you go. Swish it round your mouth before swallowing to help keep moisture in & Don't drink too much in one go or that could make you queasy too.

  • Good tips, thanks! I am not sure what cup size I am these days, but my old shock absorber is an E and I can still get in it with a bit of a wiggle! I did have a banana when I got back after my second run and felt quite good afterwards. I have a little water bottle with grip bumps that I have been carrying although it is not a proper runners one. That will probably do me for now as I can't spend much, but if I get to week 3, I may plan another little treat for myself from sports direct or somewhere similar!

  • Hi there big momma and well done for getting out there again especially after feeling sick the first time! Did u pace yourself? She says as an expert! Not! It does get easier, did run 2 of week 2 yesterday nd found myself wanting to do more but really slowed down the pace ( more of a plod) but it helped! Keep at it big momma you can do it!! Ps can't comment on the pod casts as not downloaded those! Best of luck with r3 and that will be week 1 done!!!

    jax1970 x

  • Hi! I did pace myself a bit more and I think that running a little earlier and less hours after breakfast helped me too. It is so hard to imagine running getting easier so it is great to read you say that! Good luck with finishing Week 2 and the rest of the programme. Think that I will stick with Laura on the podcasts for now, but look for something that lets me use my own music once I can run without walking intervals in the future (hopefully)...

  • Very well done for persevering. Regarding getting easier, I think that each week pushes you a bit, but that you get better at keeping going and pacing yourself. Today I did 25 minutes and even managed a faster pace at the end, which I would have thought absolutely ( and I do mean absolutely) impossible when I started off.

    BTW I have bought most of my running stuff from Lidl and have found it very good and not expensive, although I ran the first few weeks in my dog walking trousers and a sweatshirt. The Lidl running top ( one of those bright yellow high vis ones) is very comfortable and makes me feel like a proper runner!

  • Wow, good going, 25mins seems a very long way off for me! Will have to check out Lidl. I'm running in daylight at the moment, but may need something like that when the mornings get darker.

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