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Rain. Alarm clock. 6:00. Rain. Alarm clock. 6:10. Rain. Kicked out of bed. Running kit on. Rain. It's cold! Laura. Keep walking. Rain. Start running. Rain. Puddles. Quiet morning. No dog walkers. No bike riders. Rain. Starting to get warm. Enjoying it! Reached the park. Half way already! Rain. heading back. Just 5 minutes more! Rain. Speed it up a bit. Rain. I've done it! I've finished Week 8.

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Once you're wet, you're wet. And it keeps you cool when you're running! Well done for going anyway and well done for finishing week 8. Just one more week to go... :-)


ahhh, rain. You either love it or hate it.

Personally, I love running in the rain, but obviously if it looks too heavy or 'monsoon-like', I stay inside.

Well done on going out and finishing week8 in the rain, not long to go now :)


Well done. I love this weather, it's perfect for runners so it makes me happy. Good luck with week 9!


I do like a bit of rain but this is ridiculous! However I'm sure there are runners in other hot parts of the world who would trade with us in a heartbeat so maybe we should be thankful? Well done for getting up at an ungodly hour and braving the rain, you hero :D


It's the first time I've run in the rain. I thought that I would fall. But that obviously was a silly thought. For me it was important to go out and do my run, because it's taken me a good few weeks to move from w7 to w8. I'm still very happy of what I have achieved so far!

Thank you for your encouraging words, and I really hope I'll finish w9 only in one week.


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