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Run towards the light!

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I went out tonight to deliberately try to run a slow 5k, after being a bit of a big kid on Saturday and deciding to see how fast I could manage it. (My legs have not been thanking me since - turns out once you've absolutely flogged yourself for 2k the next 3 get a bit...interesting πŸ˜‚).

Anyway, i thoroughly enjoyed myself despite the still aching legs, and noticed loads of new runners out and about in the cold, a lot of them looking like they were just starting c25k. It was great to see, I felt like giving them all high fives. If you've just started for the new year, congratualtions!

Also, I only remembered during the run that we're past the longest day of the year, and the evenings are only going to get longer from here on out, so I kept myself amused by repeating 'run towards the light!' To myself for the last kilometer 😁

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Always interesting when you see a lot of new runners, certainly there have been "hundreds" of new C25K beginning since the start of 2019, I wish all of them the very best for there running journey.

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I love it... nice run and way of thinking... soon be equinox.


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