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Run Forrest Run, by the light of the silvery moon!

Well, that is who I felt like this morning ~ Forrest Gump!

I live in the middle of a village which has 1 road through it. Up the hill takes you along a dark road towards the main road and motorway, down the hill towards dark country lanes. Hmmmm, decisions decisions! Although the moon this morning was full and bright and the air was still. PERFECT.

I set off just after 6am, jacket on over C25K tee and also flashing armbands as it was so dark. I walked up the hill for my 5 min warm up walk, then decided to set off towards the main road and double back towards the village. I struggled to get into my groove for what seemed like an eternity and all I could see in my mind was Forrest Gump, so started telling myself ‘Run Forrest, Run!’

I was still Forrest Gumping along by the time I got back to the top of the hill into the village. But I was also getting hot and bothered by my jacket as it wasn’t as cold out as I had anticipated. There was nothing for it I would have to drop it off at home en route to the lanes.

After being scared half to death by someone a few yards ahead stepping out of their dark front garden to their car parked at the edge of the road, I got my own back by Gumping past and loudly saying Good Morning. Made him jump a bit!

Its at this point I start stripping off the armbands and jacket, probably looking more like Forrest than ever, but hey ho, and decided to lob it into my car on the drive and keep running while trying to put the armbands back on.

Armbands sorted and the groove returned. I carried on down the hill and onto the lanes guided by the light of the moon. I even ran past my usual turning point, down the small incline and challenged myself to keep going and run back up it. WOO ~ did it!!

Now back on the ‘home straight’ to the village and the dawn is starting to break, the birds are waking and tweeting the arrival of a new day. It sure felt good to be out there this morning. And I did 3.42miles, I never expected that in June when I started C25k!

Roll on Thursday.

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Wow!!! over 3 miles! You inspire me doggymum! :-) I bet the cardio workout was over the top with the scare midway through the run. You probably gave the other person a good cardio workout too! ;-)


Thanks Gayle, I don't think he was expecting me to speak as I went huffing past lol. How's the knee? Are you resting it as much as possible? Hopefully it isn't troubling you now and you can get the next run under your belt. You are doing FAB, best of luck for your last 2 runs of C25K :D


Thank you for asking! I kept ice and brace on it since last run. Decided to give it a go tonight and all went well! Icing now as I type! I will post a blog in the morning.


Glad to hear :)

WOW, so only 1 run to go now :) FANTASTIC!!


'Forrest Gumping' !!! I want that put in the dictionary!! You've really inspired me to get out before dawn. Might try it on my Thursday run.


LOL, maybe we can canvas them to put it in next years edition! Good luck for Thursday :)


I'm struggling to get into my groove at the moment, must try that "Run Forrest, Run!" technique. :-)


That was the only printable version of todays mantra's!!! But it worked :D

I've struggled a bit since graduating but now I've decided to just do a bit of running because I can, not because I 'have to' do it 3 times per week. I've took the pressure of myself a bit and it seems to be helping, both with distance and speed. I have a 5k fun run at the end of October so that's keeping me focussed at the minute too.


Yay! good for you - sounds like a good run!

I have to say, that I frequently think of Forrest Gump on my runs... I was going to ask if anyone else does.

I have that image of him just plodding along and I use that to try and get in my groove - seems to work!


I bet if you asked the question quite a few would say they think of Forrest Gump to be honest! It was just the thud thud thud of my feet but not in any steady rhythm that made me think of him, bless him! :)


Well done, doggymum!! It sounds like with the exception of the small fright, you had a marvelous run this morning!! I have to say that I have never thought of Forrest Gump while I was running, but something makes me believe that I now will!!


Thank you - it was a FAB run :)

As for poor old Forrest, hopefully he will be in hiding for my next outing & if I can provide a comedy visual to help you through your next run I'm happy to provide that service lol :D


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