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W8 R2

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Running on the seafront this morning which was lovely. Just over a week till I finish my C25K program so starting to think about my next move. Do I stick at running 30 mins and work at building speed/distance or do I jump right into the Bridge to 10k program and work on stamina and endurance knowing the speed/distance will benefit from it and catch up. Either way there is no rush my 10K goal was by the end of the year so whichever way I go it is going to be a step in the right direction.

It’s funny the first half of the run portion I still feel a lot of doubt about my ability and why I am doing it and once Michael announces I am halfway I am like “hey I am a runner look at me, maybe I should see if I am able to go a bit faster.” Interesting how very much of it is mental.

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I think the advice is to consolidate initially by continuing with what you’re doing for a few weeks. Maybe shake it up a bit with different routes etc then decide what you want to do. I’m at the point after those couple of weeks to sort of decided to increase my pace. So I’m using C25K + to help with that. But there are much better experts than me on the site.

Good luck. 😊

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