W8 R2

Only four runs to go! today was a bit harder than yesterday I tried to pick up the pace on the first km as yesterday it was the slowest km, not  so much a speed thing as tryng to achieve an even pace. It worked but I suffered a bit at the end.                                                                                                       Parkrun here I come!    


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14 Replies

  • Very well done Patrick! Closer and closer...I think the even pace is a good idea.. funnily enough I was trying for that this morning...:)

  • Don't bother about going faster.  Just finish.  That's all.  Save your puff 😊

  • I really am not trying to go faster just to run at a more even pace which should make the longer distances easier.

    Puff is the one thing I get short of, must be an age thing! 

  • That's great Patrick - well done! I am 6 runs away from graduating and I can't believe how much I have progressed since day 1 - are you the same?

    Also, have you decided what you are going to ceremoniously burn on graduation day :-)?

  • Thanks Yatesco, when I look back to day one I find it hard to believe I got any further, how hard can it be to run for one minute ! even though you think you are reasonably fit, it was very hard. But it just goes to show how good the c25k programme is, without it we would not be where we are today. What would I burn ? well anything that stipulates that you should do or not do anything when you reach a certain age, it is just a number not a life sentance.                       "Just climbing down off soap box"  

  • Gosh I was just happy to get through my runs, definitely wasn't thinking about 

    picking up my face. Another notch in the belt Patrick. Not long to go now.

  • Oops my pace! I leave my face where it falls

  • Well done, Patrick! Don't worry about pace right now...mine is all over the place. Slower or faster for a certain km doesn't matter. Just one step in front of the other to complete the run. Good luck!

  • Well done Patrick :)

    Have you just done two run days back to back, and you're worrying about pace?

    Rest young man!

    Great that you're really tuned in to your runs, I'm usually ok at pacing- they're all equally slow!- but the last few runs have seen me go out a bit too fast and I do flag a little with about 10 minutes to go.

    We're all learning still though, we'll get there. Good luck for run 3 :)

  • I never run back to back only on alternate days, thanks for the "young man" J24, I am  getting more excited by the day, Graduation here I come!

  • Sorry, must have been how I read it!

    Just days away now Patrick, just keep chanting the mantra of 'slow and steady' and you'll be touching that grad' badge :) Good luck :)

  • Sorry, no it was me,I should have put "day before yesterday"

  • Ooh, I was on your case there! Thought I'd sensed a wee sneaky move by you!! Have to respect the rest days :)

  • Don't worry about pace - you're doing great :)

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