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W8 R2

same time 30:30 and same distance 5K i.e. identical to W8 R1 nice consolidation which is what I am planning to do until I graduate. I am then planning to work on to 10 K

to be honest I was no expecting the same result as this was my first evening run and felt a little lethargic, goes to show just run and see what gives

it was nice to run n evening except sun glare for first part of the run

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Well done you... :) Steady as you go..

Enjoy every sunset... look forward to every new sunrise :)


you are a true Buddha 😊

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Blimey this run takes me 45 minutes and I only cover 3k. I must be running at a snail pace


Me too! But no one will ever convince me this isn't good enough. I'm out there, slow and proud 💃

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Well done 😎


Well done, you're doing so well! :)

I was trying to get myself out of bed early this morning to do this run but my duvet won the fight :) I'm planning on going this evening though.

Your timing's are so good - daft question I know, are you running the 5k in the 28 mins or does it include your 10 mins warm up / down walks? I only managed 3.4k in the running part (4.3k including the walking) - I felt pleased that I managed to do the run without stopping but, as I didn't feel completely worn out, defintiely think I can up the pace up a bit

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That duvet struggle I know it well !!!! :-)

Louisella I feel slightly uncomfortable that my post may have made you doubt your progress, that was not my intention and if I have I sincerely apologise

as this is week 8 I should only be running 28 mins but pushed on to the 30 mins and 30 seconds to achieve the 5k of running not including the 5 mins walk at each end.

I think that anyone who runs for 28 mins should be amazingly proud of themselves. I'm sure like me two months ago you struggled with the I min runs !! its a testament to the C25K programme we are discussing the relative distance we have run in that time. 2 months ago I could not have done 28 mins of running !! and I'm ready to bet neither could you.

I don't really do stats or splits I just run listening to my body. I start slow and let the pace build naturally avoiding swallowing flies :-) as my breathing technique is rubbish :-)

I note that you say you don't feel completely worn out by the end, in my case at the end of the 30 mins I don't think I could run on much further as I tend to be spent.

let me know how you progress,

Kind Regards


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Hi Nick. Oh definitely don’t feel uncomfortable please and certainly no need to apologise at all :) I find everyone’s posts on here (regardless of what week they’re on or how fast / slow they’re going) so inspiring as we're all giving it a go. Whilst in my head I wish I was going faster, my heart (and every achey bit of me) is so proud that I’ve got this far.

I did W8R2 yesterday and feeling buoyed by W8R1 made the rookie mistake of starting way too fast (you’d think I’d have learned by now!) - for the first time since I started c25k, I got a stitch so had to slow down on the home run (plus I was running into the pesky wind). Still, it felt really good to finish without stopping so those gremlins had to go and find someone else to torment.

And yes, exactly like you, when I first started this programme I’d never have believed that I’d be running non stop for 28 mins – it’s quite amazing to think what we’re capable of when we really try and push ourselves. Both physically and psychologically I’ve grown so much over the last few weeks and that’s what gives the push to keep going.

As for fly swallowing (or not as the case may be), best of luck with that :) My goal at the moment is to be able to run past the cows and sheep without scaring them :)

Take care x


It is going great Nick. Varying when and where you run is great for preventing it feeling stale. Nearly there now.


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