Just Broke the 30 minute Barrier for 5K !!

This is the last post (maybe) about times/speed. 9 weeks ago I couldn't even run a bath, never mind run a 5K so from now on, it is about the distance and not the speed !!! Anyway my goal was to see if I could at least once break the 30 minute barrier and tonight, my fifth 5K, I managed it in 29.20 minutes. Admittedly it was on a Running Machine and not outdoors, but nevertheless I was chuffed. Now my goal is to run further and not worry too much about the speed!, I'd loved to do a 10K but it just seems so far off at the moment.

It's nice to be able to share good news on the forum as all my friends and family don't understand the buzz we Couch to 5K 'ers get when we achieve our Goals !!! I think I'm becoming a bit of a running bore !!! : )

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  • Wow! Well done, that's an elusive time for me still. Have managed 34mins so far. Am sure 10k will be do-able, the 5 was a daunting prospect a few weeks ago, and you have achieved it. Congratulations!

  • Amazing!! Well done!! I'm concentrating on getting to 5k first, although according to Laura this should be in the next 2-3weeks.....I'm not so sure lol

  • Thanks for the replies, keep going with the plan you will get there. I found a lot of it was in the mind! I was getting bored as the runs got longer , I had no Football, Tennis Ball (Netball) to chase or a point to win, so the few aches and pains were trying to convince me to stop and take a breather. I had to block out those negative thoughts and try and convince myself to keep going and Laura was a big help mentally !!!

    In weeks 8 and 9 I switched to my own Music and timed the runs myself, although I much preferred my own music (to take my mind off the running) I did miss Laura's voice and motivation a little bit so you will have to decide what works best for you. In terms of speed, last night I just set the running machine at 10 k per hour and kept that up for 25 mins. As Laura says, once you get into a good rhythm you can almost fool your body/mind of the pace you are running at!!! In the last 5 mins I ramped up the speed and just focused on the distance dial and it was amazing how quick that goes with a little extra speed.

    Keep the faith people !!!

  • WTG, that's a fantastic run. Well done.

  • Well done Chris. That's a great time!

    Have you done the C25K + podcasts yet. They take you on a bit from Couch ready to start on getting fitter for longer distances. They're really good! You can download them from here and Bridge to 10 k, which I've recently finished. 10 k seems easier to me as it's longer and gives you more time to get into your stride

  • Well done on breaking that barrier. Good luck with your future runs. Best wishes.

  • Well done on braking your goal. I'm just beginning Wk3 and 5 k seems so far away! It is really inspirational to hear of your success. Congrats!

  • Well done Chris. Although I keep being told off on here for talking about speed (it is about distance right?) the mere name C25K implies doing 5k in the 30 mins so it is bound to be there at the back of your mind all through the 9 weeks if there is a single competitive bone in your body. Not everyone manages it (unsurprisingly given the average C25Ker's age & condition at week 1) so well done you.

  • Congratulations! That's a fantastic achievement. I ran my first 5k in under 30 mins last night & it feels amazing! Well done you - good luck with the 10k training!! (Go on - you know you can do it!)

  • Well done Chris! I've only just done Wk5 run 3 & was amazed at that. I took some good advise & turned my speed down to do it. I guess the next challenge will be creeping it back up & not exploding my lungs. I wanna do what you just have! Inspiring! Thanks.

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