W8 postponed

Oh what a weekend and start of a week.

My original plans were on Sunday to marshal at 10k race and afterwards do W8 R1 around the beautiful sandringham estate. After a busy morning at work on Saturday I started to feel achy and a sore throat. Uh oh no way not ill again. Got home and yep the flu hit me where it hurts ( everywhere) did not get any sleep and come Sunday morning no way I could get out of bed and marshal a race. My throat was that swollen and sore I was struggling to breathe. Monday got myself to the doctors to be told worst throat infection the nurse had ever seen (ulcerated throat infection) put onto double dose of antibiocs and throat spray and loads of bed rest. So sadly, I've not been able to run and not looking good for the rest of week. Also whilst I was up being sick on my way back from bathroom all weak and yuk I bang my knee on the bed (ouch) cut and bruised. Felling sorry for myself so I appoligise for the morbid post.

God I miss running and it's not until you psyically can't that you realise, how much a part of running is, in your life ;-)

Happy running everyone ;-)

I will be back


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38 Replies

  • Oh poor you ! That all sounds horrible. Rest, take it easy and wait until you're really better before you get out running again. Good luck.

  • Awww thank you... You guys are awesome ;-) I'm on the mend now. Going to go for a little run Saturday morning

  • Oh dear belinda sorry you're proper poorly! You will feel crud for a bit yet but I bet you will ship some weight. Every cloud an all that

    You will feel weak for a bit but you can rest up and get back before you know it.

  • Awww thank you miss... You guys have helped me keep positive through a pants few days.

    I've not eaten since Saturday so now underweight grrr can't win, it wasn't the way I wanted it but never mind ;-)

    I'm going to try and have a little run on Saturday hopefully ;-)

  • Aw B, I am so sorry to hear that , goodness me you have had such a bad run of being poorly. I think you have copped for everyone elses share too !

    All you can do is rest up and keep taking the tablets. Big hug for you and I hope you feel better soon. I know its the absolute pits when you cant run, oh you poor love.

    Take care , and hopefully it wont be too long before Team B is up and at 'em again xxx

  • Awww thank you poppy ;-) I can't believe how many bugs I've picked up in the last 4 weeks. Boohoo

    Team B is going to run on Saturday with a bit of luck now the tablets have kicked in I'm on the mend ;-) x x

  • I was wondering where you were :0/ - not good - you poor thing. I promise I didn't send you lurgies so that I could catch up with you ;0). Hope you are feeling better soon B xx

  • Awww thank you RK, I've been suffering quietly in the back ground. I think we wil now graduate together ;-) you must be getting real close to W8 R1?

    Ha ha I'm going to try and run in Saturday morning if my legs do as they are told ;-) x x

  • Glad to hear you feeling better xx. Hope you have a good run tomorrow. You will be back up to speed in no time :0). I finished week 7 yesterday, and Week 8 will start on Sunday - we can cross that finishing line together ;0) x

  • Ohh nooo!!! Poor you!!! Take it easy and get back soonest {{{{{{{{healing vibes}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} coming your way.

  • Thank you labshack... I'll be over that finish line if it kills me ;-) I need to graduate before going to Egypt in October ;-) I'm on the mend now so thank you

  • Goodness that sounds horrible. Wrap up warm and take care. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  • Thank you ancient mum I'm on the mend at long last :-)

  • Oh no sounds awful poor you! Take care of yourself hope you start to feel better very soon.

  • Aww thank you ;-)

  • Oh no, that all sounds awful, and to cut your leg after being sick just takes the biscuit. Hope you're feeling better soon, take it easy, drink tea and watch afternoon telly...don't run again until you are completely better. Hope you're still around here to chat though xx

  • Aww thank you... I've watched a lot of tv and have been here in the background just didn't have the engery to respond to anything ;-) x x

  • Aw, hugs to you. Poor thing, sounds miserable. Hope it clears up soon and you feel a bit perkier. Until then, keep cosy!

  • Thank you ;-) I'm on the mend now ;-)

  • That's awful Belinda, I hope you get well soon. Rest up good before you get back running. Take care .

  • Thank you ;-)

  • How awful for you! Take it easy and take care of yourself. Rest, rest and more rest. Hope you are back running soon

  • Thank you, hopefuuly Saturday ;-)

  • Oh no Belinda!

    I'd been wondering what you were up to... I'm sorry to hear you're poorly - it doesn't sound at all pleasant. :(

    Take good care of yourself, and make sure you get lots of rest / tea / sympathy, and you'll be fighting (well, running!) fit in no time. Wishing you a speedy recovery :) xx

  • Awww thank you atomic... I feel a lot better now the antibiotics have kicked in. I'm going to try and run Saturday ;-) I see you are still doing awesome, like I knew you would ;-) see you at the finish line ;-) x x

  • Glad you're on the mend :)

    Take it easy when you get back running, we'll all be here looking out for you :)


  • Oi you - no lingering on the couch - get up and get those running shoes on I'm waiting!! (my turn to be impatient now ;) )

    Seriously though, hope you feel better soon. It's that time of year when all those nasty bugs come creeping back from their summer hols and start infecting folk all over the shop.

    Take it easy, keep your fluids up and all that. We expect you back in tip top condition.

  • Ha ha how impatient are you (tut tut). I didn't mean to teach you bad habits but appears you have caught the impatient bug ;-) Oppsss.

    I'm on the mend now and coming to kick opps I meant push you along so you can out that Zimmer frame away now ;-)

    I'm going to try and get back out for a run Saturday morning ;-) don't know if it will be tip top condition though ;-)

  • Well make sure you take it steady, don't want to do too much and set yourself back.

    I'm choosing to ignore the zimmer frame comment as it was obviously caused by delirium due to your illness and the effects of Night Nurse ;)

  • I plan on taking it steady. I'll go with what my body is telling me :-)

    Ha ha you keep ignoring, I don't blame you ;-)

  • Only one thing for it - stay in bed and allow your family to approach only if they are bearing a cup of tea. Take the pills, and don't run again until you feel properly better.

  • Thank you.... Tablets have finally kicked in and I'm on the mend ;-)

  • That's good news. Make sure you don't do too much too soon. I bet you're itching to get out there, but you don't want to overdo it and push your recovery back. You know what we girls are like - no man flu for us and lying around feeling wimpy!!!

  • Thank you. No I'm going out with the intention of running W8 R1 but if at any point I feel weak and not up to it I will have a casual walk back. Just need to get out there in the fresh air I'm sick of my bed ;-) never thought I'd hear myself say that ha ha :-)

  • What has happened to us? Scary.

  • I know... I'm been taking my running gear to Egypt, now that's scary ;-)

  • Oh Belinda! So sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly. I know there are some pretty dreadful bugs around at the mo (I'm frontline for them being a duty First Aider in a high school) ... take your meds, plenty of fluids, eat if you feel like it and REST!!!!!!!

    Don't you dare put those trainers on until you're feeling 100%. Laura and us will still be there for you when you're ready.

    Take care ((((((((((hugs))))))))))

  • Aww thank you... There sure are some nasty bugs around, this one was awful, knocked me for 6, it cake out of nowhere too. I'm on the end now and I'm going to try and get out and run tomorrow morning ;-)

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