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Week 1 first run in the bag!

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Finished my first run of week one today, found it a little hard towards the end but I did it!

My lungs were burning and Dr Google informs me that this is down to dehydration.

I also found that the first minute jog was way to fast and I really need to pace my self as my crotch area is now a little stiff, but onwards and upwards, looking forward to Tuesday or Wednesday to the next jog

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Great for getting started it is all about going slow and keeping your hydration up all the time not just on run days 😊

Snap! Did my first run today too, my tops of my feet ache now which is odd. Good luck with your next two this week, I am aiming to do mine Tues and Thursday. Enjoy!

I think that's down to the support of your trainers isn't it?? There is something on line somewhere which shows you how to lace them up in different ways to support what needs to be supported... try Google

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Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Apples_and_pears

This is possibly a lace problem. Take a look at these


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Congratulations! W1R1 tomorrow but I've been working up to it so I'm not worried. Can't wait actually! Keep us updated on your progress.

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Good work ⭐️⭐️ Slow and steady is the way. Happy running 😀

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The major mistake I made on my very first run was to go too fast and ended up in pain for two days. It’s not a run. It’s a very light jog, with very little bounce to conserve energy. After that it’s been fine.

I was the same in week 1 - I've made it to week 5 - I've been going too fast and have been advised to slow it down so keep going you'll surprise yourself. Well done

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