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Week 1 run 1 in the bag

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I did it! Managed my first run in less than ideal conditions. It was a bit breezy (gusting up to 38 mph today), but that's quite normal here in Shetland so I might as well get used to it. It was at least dry. Thought I wasn't going to make it when one of the one minute runs coincided with going up a particulary steep hill, but there's nowhere flat here so no option but to start on hills. Feeling quite pleased with myself, especially as. I have asthma and one of my triggers is excercise. Just got to keep it up now. 

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Well done, that's a brilliant start!! I can't believe you had to contend with hills and 38mph wind on W1R1 - what a rockstar! 

Well done :) It's a great program just keep it steady and follow advice. This is a great community for support and help. Congrats on conquering the hills I still try and avoid them here as much as possible :P

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I'd been thinking about trying running for a while but didn't really know where to start. Stumbled across this program yesterday evening and decided to give it a go and this morning as I had a day off work thought I might as well get started now before I chickened out. I think listening to the podcast really helped, no having to check a stopwatch to work out when to run and when to walk. 

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Fantastic, youre up and running !

Well done , especially for getting through the wind, it is tough !

Keep going , youre doing great and keep posting .

Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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Well done! I was really worried about my asthma when I started. Cold weather mixed with winds and exercise sounded like a recipe for disaster. On week 6 now and I definitely feel like it has improved. At first I feel really tight but there's a little barrier to get through and then my breathing feels so much easier. I've stopped taking my inhaler out now as I know I won't need it.

Just breath steadily and deeply, not too quickly. As you get more into it Laura helps you manage your breathing which really does help. 

I took my blue inhaler a few minutes before starting. The hills were definitely the hard part but I managed OK.

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Well done - that sounds like a tough start.

Good luck - you won't regret it!

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Yeay! Well done.. and with wind!!! 

Welcome to the best thing ever!

Up there, you will seriously need to embrace the hills! Like embracing the rain and the mud too! Once you do that, well it all seems easier ??? :)

Take it steady and monitor your asthma...don't get carried away..Unless... the wind carries you on at lightning speed! 

Onwards and upwards :)

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That really is jumping in at the deep end, wind, asthma and hills all in your first run. Respect!

Well done! You got over the hardest part - getting off the couch. The rest won't be a walk in the park, but it is possible, and you can definitely do it. Keep posting.

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I live in Wales and have almost no routes available to me that dont involve a hill. My advice, which was given to me originally by someone on here, is just to tackle them slowly and then slower still. It really doesn't matter how fast you are going, just that you keep going. I have found that this advice has really stood me in good stead and of course the hills do make you stronger. It's brilliant that you've started the programme and I'm sure we all look forward to hearing about your progress. Keep posting and reading the posts of others as the forum is a great help in so many ways. 

That's what my husband said "just think about how strong running up hills and against the wind will make you" 

That makes me look quite a wimp. I did w1 r1 entirely on flat ground with no wind and thankfully without asthma. Take it as gently as those steep hills and crazy winds allow. We have other runners on here with asthma.

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Brilliant! Shetland, beautiful scenery to look at while you go on your run. I've got friends up there, so when I visit I might just get them out on the run as well.

Just be careful on the hills, especially when you are starting out. When going up them just go at a steady pace that you know you can keep up when you encounter the down hill portion as well. Not easy I know.

Keep going, you can do this and maybe see if there are others that you can do it with, company is sometimes better than doing it on your own.

Sounds like we’ve started this journey together!! Well done you and well done me!! I nearly didn’t do it but then something inside said “GO”!

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