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Would you like to run 10k?

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Hello everybody, my name is Juju and you will mostly find me over on Bridge and Marathon. Like you I started my running life here doing C25k. When I finished I really needed some structure to get me to 10k, so I have put together this plan alongside the other admins.

If you are a graduate and have consolidated running 5k then you might like to join me for the next 10 is the Magic Number 10k plan . And what better time than a New Year. Maybe it’s one of your resolutions? So let’s do it.....

The plan overview


*8 week plan to get you from 5 to 10k with consolidation weeks as well.

*Each week I will be posting a strength exercise that you can do at work, at home, in the supermarket, in the loo..... designed to fit in with life!

*Print off with the plan on to stick on your fridge.

So, if you are interested I will start on the 11th of January. Please add your name to the post on Beyond where I will be posting the runs : healthunlocked.com/bridgeto...

I will be having a list of names on the post to hold you to account!!!

Let’s do this and have a lot of fun too....



26 Replies
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Hi ju-ju- I’d love to do this but I think it will be a bit too soon. Well a lot too soon. I will only graduate in about 10 days. Please let me know when you do the next one.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to FitteratFifty

Good plan, the next one will be about Easter and I will be posting about it nearer the time....

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Hell yeah.... Count me in!!


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Hi Juju

Can you tell me when you will start the next Magic 10 following this one please?

I graduated in November and have done many consolidation runs, but have also been plagued with viruses and calf problems so would like to wait until the next one so that I am fully fit.



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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to SarahBrown

Poor you, and yes good plan. The next one will be about Easter and I will post about it nearer the time...

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SarahBrownGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you. X

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Hi Ju-Ju

Think it may be a bit too soon this time round as only run 3x30 since graduating and feel I need to do a few more weeks. Can I please join the next one please as will keep going until then. Please let me know when the next one is scheduled for after this and I will add my name. Best wishes.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Windmills06

Yes of course, it will be around Easter and I’ll be posting nearer the time. Good plan 😎

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Hi ju-ju. I am in this time after a couple of months consolidating. I am excited but scared. Good news is MrJayval is in too.

EmmaRunning profile image

Ooh long time not on this site but I think I’m going to be giving it a go again. Pls count me in and Happy New Year.

Hi Ju-Ju-

I want to do this but I am not quite there yet. Graduating C25k in late January with the Brighton 10k booked for April. I may well do your next one or go solo with your brilliant plan that I saw posted as a jpeg somewhere here.

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Please let me know when the next one is, I'm not quite there with a full 5K run yet x

Phoenix_flames21 profile image

Hi Ju Ju, I'd love to join you on the b210k plan but will probably have to wait until your next session as I'm just starting c25k w8. However I would still like to sign up as I'd like to join in with your strength exercises please?

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Hi Juju, I have no idea whether this is premature, but I graduated C25K yesterday and felt so elated I ran for 35 minutes, not 30. I felt like Forrest Gump! Anyway, if it's OK I'd like to join starting 11th Jan. Though I never ran before doing couch25K, I only failed W9R1 when I decided to do a local park run on Christmas Day. I finished it, but crawled a lot of the way. Anyway - I know I can run (shuffle) 5K, I am comfortable with 30 minutes runs, and I am happier to try and fail than not to try. I need a plan, and this will be in the company of people I have come to know over the past nine weeks.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Mercmancouchto5k

Good plan, I did exactly as you are as I needed to keep focussed..

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Yes please :)

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Hi! I graduated C25K on 22nd December with a parkrun, it took me 42 mins though. I have kept running 3 times a week since then for at least 30 mins and have completed 5k in distance only one other time (again in 42ish mins). Should I have consolidated 5k as the distance a bit more before starting this or do you think it's fine to give it a go? I am enjoying running but do miss the structure of a programme to follow! Thanks in advance! Stacey

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to staceypek

If you are comfortable now running for 30 minutes then I wonder if the timed plan may work better for you which i am including this time. Its starting from 30 minutes and building up by 10% each week. How does that sound?

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staceypekGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

That sounds good, yes! Would be keen to try that. Thank you!

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to staceypek

great, I will add you on the list on Beyond :)

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Yes please, done a couple of Park runs and my first ever 10k on Boxing Day but want to do it properly and build up to doing another 10k thanks

LittleLath profile image

Hi Juju, please count me in. I’ve gone my couch to 5k. Hubby has just started his and I think he’s just got to the week where it catches you and you want to run everyday 😂😉

So I’d like to start bridge to 10k now please x

flywell123 profile image

Hi there. I think about a week and I should be ready to join in. I've done wk8R2. I'm running 4 times per week and it's going well. ☺

Linhert profile image

Yes pls. I am on week 8 r 1. So have been looking for a good 10 k plan.

huszone profile image

Yes please, Just completed W9R3.

dory950 profile image

Yes need further structure I have done a 10K program but like the idea of mixing it up with strength exercises

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