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Out again


I wasn't feeling great this morning so started making excuses in my head for reasons not to go out, feeling blah, too cold, I will go out tomorrow morning instead. But then thought, well I can go out and if I end up feeling that bad I can always just walk home. Glad I didn't stay in bed. It turned out to be a good run. On last five minutes I sped up and felt good about that and was really pleased that I got out. Tomorrow morning will be a rest morning.

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Huge well done you.... you might have been the inspiration for one of my last posts...

It's much too cold,

I'm feeling so old,

I'm thinking that I've got the flu.

Go go go!!!!


Brilliant! Let’s face it, those excuses aren’t new to us, that’s how we became unfit. For me a big part of this process is to stop listening to our excuse voice and our doubting voice... so very well done getting that down today... and a great run was a fitting reward for that! Enjoy the next one.

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