Lesson Learned - Never Run After Piggin' Out

Parkrun this morning. Almost dead. Giving up within half a mile. Too embarrassed to give up. Phew - the finish line!

My oldest kids are twins, and it will be their 30th birthday tomorrow - we're having a dinner out this evening. My middle son came home from Australia to join in, and the youngest finished his final exams at Stirling University on Thursday and is coming home today. We'll all be together again for a couple of days - isn't that nice?

The twins are a boy and a girl. Daughter still lives with us but son moved to Durham - he arrived home last night, so we had a pre-birthday celebration of a Chinese take-away for ten hungry hippos. After a year of weight loss and consequent self-denial, you can guess Malcy's behaviour. Let's just say that the scales this morning were almost 2 kilos above my normal weight!

And that, dear friends is the lesson I learned this morning. Pigging out makes running blinkin' hard! Now, the question is this ... will I learn from this new-found knowledge? Hmmm.

Birthday dinner tonight. And tomorrow morning I'm due to undertake a 20K run/walk to celebrate the end of the 5x50 Challenge. I'm already thinking it might be wise to postpone for a week ... but there's that 20,000km "Team C25K" target to keep in mind. We're currently at 19,157km (13:00 on 18 May). I don't think we're going to make it. but I know that everyone else will be giving it their best shot.

I can't really wimp out, can I?


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16 Replies

  • Well, I don't think we're going to make the 20,000 whatever you do, so.....you could postpone a week! Personally I think the birthday dinner is too special to have to worry about your food/drink intake and it's not like your not going to do the run at all, so that's not wimping out. Also, you're keeping me company for my final 9 days, so that final run could wait because you're continuing the challenge :)

    That's what I think anyway!

  • Enjoy your celebration with your family and don't feel guilty. The occasional feast does not usually make any difference to the overall weight, its when we 'pig out' regularly that the weight goes on.

    As for your celebration run, can you do it later in the week so you don't feel like you're running through treacle? Or maybe at least later in the day.

    Hope you have a great weekend! :D

  • Thanks for that encouragement. Yeah - the weight thing will be OK. I used to worry until I realised my stats showed the weight went on the day after a big meal, but two days later (consistently two days) it was gone again. It's just a case of the bulk of the food sitting in the gut (or wherever it sits) until it has passed through. The pros call it the 'transit time' which I think is a nice euphemism ...

  • No dont wimp out malcy, remember who you are.....THE GOD OF HELL FIRE!!!! :)

    I still have belief that if we all pull out the stops we can reach reach the 20,000k. I'm going for two runs today and aiming for a 12k tomorrow, my furthest distance. Now I have said it out loud I have to do it don't I?! :O If I have the energy later I will follow it later in the day with my Davina DVD.....

    So enjoy your twins birthday and enjoy having all the family together and if necessary postpone the run until later in the day if you can but please don't wimp out, we need you!!! We need to go out with a bang!! We need to do this together!!


  • We got home from the meal and Mrs Malcy said that she guessed I wouldn't be putting on my running gear in the morning. Wrong! I'll have it in the can before they even see the light of day!

    6am alarm should be early enough, Whether I'll be so keen at 6am remains to be seen ...

    With your experience, 12km will soon be done and dusted. Bring on the Davina DVD!

  • Enjoy the special weekend with the family. You could try a shorter run tomorrow. When I checked this morning I reckoned we needed 7k each today and tomorrow to make the 20k.

    I'm going to try Cramond to S Queensferry through Dalmeny tomorrow morning but that's only 8 to 10k depending on the exact route I take. Will be having dinner with my sisters, including the one from Oz, later in the day.

  • Oooh the 20K is do-able then! I thought it was too far way to achieve. That's good news :)

  • I think I"ll do it. My plan is to park my car in Aberdour around 07:00, go on foot from there to Dalmeny & get the 09:30 train back.

  • Oooo tricky one! My gut feeling (!) is that family comes first, even before teams - it is a very special family event after all.

    Anyway, gods are above the worries of mere mortals... :D

    So all us non-gods can do an extra km or two for you!

  • Never too old to learn lessons Malcy ;-)

    Found out myself earlier this week that as soon as I took things for granted it bit back and I struggled big time on a run.

    Enjoy yourself and remember this is all for fun! ..... of course that "fun" might be doing 20k ...... :P

  • Have done a hour's walk on the treadmill and feeling a little better ...

  • Or maybe I'm only working up an appetite for this evening ...

  • :D Have a lovely meal! And I hope the run, however far it turns out to be, is a lovely one. :)

  • Enjoy your meal Malcy, it's a really special occasion and your offspring have come from far and wide.... hopefully your tummy wonlt feel as far and wide tomorrow! ;-)

    I did my Parkrun today, and a couple of km's walking; tomorrow morning I plan to do a couple of hours on my bike to get the km's in (before working late shift so fingers crossed for no punctures! :-)

  • Thanks Poppy. It was a great evening - lots of talk about the last 30 years and what they would like to do in the next thirty. I'm going to give it a try. As the brats said - even if I have to walk the whole way, I'll be able to say I tried.

  • Good on ya, I knew you would! But 6am??! :O I would say I will be thinking of you but don't think I will be in the land of the living at that time but maybe by the time you are finishing...! Best of luck Malcy and glad you had a great evening with the family :)


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