Missed opportunity again :-(

I should have done w7r2 last night, but was hungry when I got in from work, so had tea first. Then of course I was too full to go out.

All day today I've been psyching myself to go out as soon as I got home today. My resolve lasted all the way until I got upstairs and found a very clean and half prepared room for the in laws coming to stay tonight. That had *completely* slipped my mind. So that meant an hour of industrious cleaning, then tea, and now I'm full and it's getting dark :-( Will I *ever* learn not to just put it off 'until tomorrow'? This has happened so many times in the past few weeks where I've not bothered on the good evening, then the next has turned out to be impossible. Bah.

Tomorrow evening. Mother-in-law can have the girls for half an hour longer while I run as soon as I get in. Honest...


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  • ProcrastinatorsRus ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Pesky real life interruptions, disrupting our running masterplans. Been there too RainbowC :)

  • Man, bummer when a schedule is disrupted and interferes with out running. I am dreading the change in mine that means I have to run tomorrow afternoon instead of my 'always 0830HRS or as close to it as humanly possible' gig I had up to now. :(

    Still - this too is surmountable. And have to say I'm getting curious as to what effect - if any - it will have on my running. Oh - and did I mention it's supposed to get to 104F tomorrow according to the latest 'Heat Advisory' ?

    Such fun and joy to look forward to LOL :)

  • ... you said it on here.... we watch for your post! :)

  • Oops! There's no backing out this evening then...! ;)

  • Nope.. sorry... :)

  • I went! See new post 0:-)

  • Brilliant!

  • Oh tell me about it! I'm retired now and thought there'd be lots of time! Visitors, playing tennis, decorating, more visitors, foul weather.....the list goes on!

  • ....gardening.. cooking, more visitors.. running... painting class..running...cycling.. running..tine-tenting...running... lunches out... running... wet weather car picnics... running.... Yeay...How did we find time for work :)

  • It's ridiculous isn't it?? I played tennis at my club for a team several divisions higher than my normal because they were short. Blimey that was hard work! Can't mo ve today! Got a long car journey tomorrow to my sister so shall take my kit and go s quick Speed. No great distances but it doesn't take as long, and gives her time to mix the cocktails! Hopeless isn't it?

  • Love it.... priorities...mix those cocktails :) Ooooo.. I feel an urge for a raspberry Bellini coming on !!!

  • Steady on! Some of us are at w*rk, you know...! ;) (Don't mind me - just feeling jealous!)

    Although, bit of a boost this morning when I was chatting to my colleague and said I didn't go running last night. She said 'you're really keen, you do lots of running!' Not as true as I'd like it to be, but at least someone thinks I'm motivated...!

  • Well... big hug... and on the plus side.. for you.. you are at work' cos you are young, and in my case, I am not at work... but that is 'cos I have a few more years under my belt :) ( i.e. Old ) :)

  • The excuses are the easy bit....getting through them is the hard bit! You just gotta get out there and do it! Simples!

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