Found out why I have been feeling so miserable lately.

My last post was to share that I had put in for a 10km race in October. I treated myself because everything was getting on top of me and I felt like I needed cheering up I had just come in from an 8km run and it seemed right. Roll on a couple of days the depression like symptoms and general yukkiness all part of a reoccurring kidney infection. This time first day of antibiotics caused an allergic reaction and this has seemed to of hit my right knee and foot. The blotches have all gone down with strong anti histamines but the thing that bothers me the most is the pain in the foot.

So here I am with a 10 km. in October and I can hardly walk. Gutted doesn't come anywhere near how I feel. I have an ultrasound for my kidneys but the doc is sure it's probably just stones that are causing the upset but he's not bothered about the foot as he just says I'm sure it will go in time. I know it's only been three days but I can hardly put any pressure on my foot.

I know I am being a worry wart. But this is the one place I know that will understand. Red blotches, temperature over 100 and all that I can cope with, threaten to take away my running I go into panic.

Happy running to everyone if you wavering on if you should go out for a run, go and do a run for me, I really will appreciate it.

Rfc x


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  • Really sorry to hear things are so tough for you! I hope they come to a proper diagnosis and treatment soon! It is a long time until October, so hopefully you can keep looking forward to that. All the best!

  • Thank you, hopefully I will back at them soon.

  • Sorry to hear that you're not well RFC, it's such a pain to be stuck - Wish you a speedy recovery!

    You have enough time to train for your race, and you've already done a HM, so I wouldn't worry about missed training just now :)

    I find it hard to stop myself from giving advice... but if there is one thing helps me in difficult moment- of any kind - is meditation. I find that because running is so addictive that helps me to gain perspective on it.

    I know it may not be for everyone, but now there are so many Mindfulness Based programs and it is not just about meditation - ( by the way, one does not have to be a hippy and sit cross-legged in a quiet room being fumigated by incense !)

    There are a lot of good ones out there - I would personally advise to do one "in person", but it's not that cheap. There are (far too) many books out there about it, I think Vidyamala Burch "Mindfulness for Health" is very good, as is Mark Williams "Mindfulness, finding peace in a frantic world" ​

    Take care, have a good rest, and I will run for you today


  • Thank you. I'm with you I use the Andrew Johnson apps. When I can't sleep it works better than any tablets also I am taking the odd 20mins when I can just to do the deep meditation app it rejuvenates me ready to face the rest of the day. I have a busy work weekend this weekend so any time I can take to rest is needed. Andrew Johnson is really good on social media he has answered a few questions for me on Twitter. I am a big fan.

  • Oh no poor you! Like you say, I can cope with illness just tell me I can run!! You will do...but you have to be good and stop worrying...that will get you nowhere fast. Tell yourself I'm having X days completely 'off' and see how you feel then. Beating ourselves up adds to the worry and feeling down. As for relaxation and sleep try Paul McKenna too :) hero!!

  • Thank you. Your so right. I have told myself 2 weeks at least no running at all, give my body time to heal. Last time I was out again within the week, probably a silly move but I will be more sensible this time.

  • Aww RFC, that sounds awful. Try just to rest up and I'm sure you'll be back out there before long. I'm running tomorrow so will make it a good one for you!

  • Brilliant looking forward to our virtual run tomorrow I will imagine all my endorphins picking me up as you run. thank you.

  • Hi RFC... Yuck what a nightmare.... However you are feeling unwell and EVERYTHING feels so much worse when you don't feel well. When you recovered you will get out there again and it will feel so much better. Hang in there, be strong and let your body recover xxxxx

  • Your right, with these sort of infections they make you a little bit neurotic as well, my poor other half. Need to take some time off to heal properly this time. Thank you.

  • It sounds to me that you really need to get well first. You sound really run down. Running is just going to exhaust your poor body just now so best get fixed. My sister and a very good friend of mine have suffered terribly with chronic bladder/kidney infections. They recommend this: as an alternative to the antibiotic treatment. Personally there are times when you have to have take antibiotics ( e.g I had sepis from a breast abcess last year) but others when you could try altenatives. The problem with them being that they kill all the good bacteria in the gut ,healthy gut flora being the key to good health generally). I also think that women's health needs to be handled differently to men's, esp when it comes to bladder/kidneys/lady bits - and antibiotics just make the problems worse. The supplement above is expensive but it works. Get yourself some good quality probiotics too(10 billion +) or try fermented foods; kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha etc if you can. Nourishing foods like soups made from bone stock are great. Watch out for refined carbs, pastas, breads etc and too much sugar from fruit juice etc and eat your veg. Once you've knocked that infection on the head, you'll feeel so much better - and your feelings of depression lift. Have a look in to vitamin deficiencies too. Vit D is the most common which can effect mood. I take a powdered magnesium, calcium and Vit d as a drink at bed time ( helps sleep, muscles relax) and have extra zinc too. TMI alert - i have a copper coil fitted whcih is antagonistic to zinc and I started getting so down and grumpy) All helps with PMT, stress etc. I'm not a professional at this, so this is just suggestions, and from my own experience of chronic infections, IBS, joint pains etc which had been diagnosed as depression in the past. The supplements where prescribed for me by a very good nutrionist friend of mine who specialises in women's health. The running will lift mood with endorphins etc, but there's no point battering your exhausted body at this point. I really really don't want to cause offence so please ignore if doesn't interest you, I just read your post and it struck a chord with me. All the best.

  • No offence taken, thank you for taking the time to reply. I hate tablets but sometimes you just have to don't you. I think the HM training just tipped my immune system over the edge, so I am cutting right back and building up again. 2 weeks solid off running to start with. My thyroid puts some of my vitamin levels out so I keep a close eye on them.

  • Ahh i see. My thyroid's a bit dodge too. It's hard when one system in your body is sensitive and the rest of you is strong as an ox, especially when your mind and spirit are willing. it's difficult to take your foot off the gas sometimes, when it seems that others can just keep going. I hope you do feel much better soon. Remember though the antibiotics will make you feel rotten. You can take probiotics whilst you're taking the antibiotics, just at different times. x

  • Oh RFC,you poor sausage. I have no advice to offer other than to be kind to yourself. Drink loads of water to flush that infection through and rest, rest, rest. Water, rest and a day sitting out in the garden, if you can manage it, will do you the power of good. Don't think about races, your baseline fitness won't disappear in a week or even a month. Speaking as the owner of, what was until about 2 weeks ago, a bl**dy sore foot, use it as an excuse and a justification to just be still. As Pops would say, this too will pass. xxx

  • Hmm inflammatory response? I'll budge up then RFC, room for one more. Here have some ice, I got loads!

    I thought I'd go out into the sun this afternoon and lay in the garden as sunshine is a great healer. Sun block on, floppy hat blah blah. Nothing else to do but nothing as walking on inflamed limbs does no good at all.

    I have strawberrries to take out there with me and my kindle is recharging. Chin up duck. It won't always be dark at six, as my late great mate used to say x

  • I think so. Thanks for the space on the couch. I have a catering thing tomorrow so I have been making my Rfc choccie cake for a pudding as it is so easy so I will nip off some of the corners that won't be missed to go with our sunshine and strawberries.

  • Get better soon, hope dr is right about stones, although symptons don't totally sound like it, and then they can be got rid of.

  • Thank you. I only have to wait till 15 July to have the scan. I think I have been pushing a bit too far recently. I am going to curb things a bit and get some good nutrition into me to boost my immune system.

  • Oh aye, good grub is all-important. I am eating lots of iron-rich foods at the mo to try and help heal myself. Good job my garden is rammed with lots of kale, brassicas, spinach and cabbages, not to mention caulis. Strawbs out the garden for dessert. Grated dark choc over them as well.

  • Hi,

    First things first, your health is more important than any 10k. But here's something. I know you from your previous exploits. If anyone can overcome this and get back into form, it's you. It's clear to me that you have an inner strength that I can only dream about.

    I wish you well and a speedy recovery.

  • Thank you, I am going to boost my immune system, I have a feeling looking back that I wasn't quite strong enough for the HM and I have exhausted myself a little. I like the thought of inner strength, my husband calls it my bloody minded stubbornness.πŸ˜ƒ. I don't give up and sometimes I should ease up more than I do. I have seen you have been out there again are you all healed and back at them now?

  • Yes - more or less! Parkrun yesterday and two more events, one as a member of my company's 5k "team" coming up in July. lots of fun!

  • sorry to hear things are not so good RFC, i missed your post somehow , but read Ully's about her "run for RFC". Can't offer much real advice i'm afraid but don't be too hard on yourself, award yourself a major dose of TLC, and take some time out to recover. you will have time to do that 10k, no problem :) will think of you on my next run, will be in Sunny Shanklin along the front hopefully :)

  • Thank you. Fond memories of sitting in a pub on the front in Shanklin while it was raining so hard eating the best mushroom soup I have ever had in my life. enjoy the run.

  • yum! mushroom soup!

    hope you feel better as the week goes on! :)

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