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Am I even running?!


do both of your feet leave the floor momentarily when you run?

I’ve been looking through posts on here and find them very encouraging, it’s really nice to read how others are finding the plan and how they’re progressing, etc.

A few days ago I read a comment that said something along the lines of “it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going, as long as both feet leave the ground momentarily you’re running”.

It’s great to know that speed isn’t the end goal, it’s more about running for a period of time which is far more achievable for me, but that comment has stuck with me and now I’m not sure if I am running at all?!

Just been for my last run of week three and I was trying to figure out if I raised my back foot before I placed my foot forward and I can’t really tell. I imagine if I was running full speed they would both be raised but running at such speed is not sustainable for me.

Anyone else a plodder like me? Are we runners? 🤔

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No, I’m pretty sure mine don’t either! I’m on week 5 and am still definitely a plodder, I walk faster than most of my “runs”. Keep at it xx

Uglybuddha in reply to KittyW

Thanks KittyW, glad its not just me ☺️

Week 5?! How’s it going? I’m half dreading week four, half REALLY excited to tackle longer runs, what was week four like for you? X


There’s so much to think about,

Are both my feet off the ground at the same time for a second or so?

Is my foot landing under my hip?

Is the correct part of my foot hitting the ground first?

Am I breathing 4 counts in 4 out?

Am I standing straight but leaning forward just a little?

Am I holding my arms at a 90 degree angle and pumping them as this helps propel you forward?

There’s probably loads more as well

Have you tried breathing properly yet? It leaves me gasping for breath 🤣

I’ve decided as long as I’m moving forward quicker than I walk and I can breathe I’m doing ok 👌

Uglybuddha in reply to Kamia

You’re SO right, there’re so many different things to be aware of while running! Not to mention traffic awareness if running on roads, being alert to pedestrians and overly friendly dogs 😂

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when everything “clicks” for a little while and you can just enjoy the run 😊 x

KamiaGraduate in reply to Uglybuddha

Did think of those things. Is the road going to be clear so I can run across it is a big question for me 🤣


Look at the question the other way around.

Can you tell for certain that you ever have both feet on the ground at the same time?

If not, on the balance of probabilities you are running. And that’s good enough as this isn’t a criminal case 🤣

Uglybuddha in reply to Jay66UK

What a great way to think of it! Thanks jay66uk 😁


I’m a complete plodder I walk faster than I run. If I slowed down I think I might even go backwards. Keep at it ! You’re dong great

Thanks Queeny, I notice you’re a graduate! Amazing!! Well done 👍🏼X

I think you're overthinking it. I'm not sure I know which moment both my feet are off the ground - but have seen photographic evidence!!! It can be very hard to tell even looking - that's what the judges are intently scrutinising for at the Olympic walking events. You are out there moving and that's great.

Yes, I think you’re right, definitely overthinking things! Thanks for your encouragement 😊 x

I posed this question last week because my distance had reduced but running time increased, although it was week 3, shortest week in time on the program. I was reliably informed that if I had an movement action that wasnt walking i was running. Was confirmed over the next coupe of runs when i listened to my feet hitting the ground and finally having my shadow in front of me. plus finding the pace monitor on my phone i found i run about 6.3 km which i think is way too fast.

Uglybuddha in reply to Caro71

Thanks for your reply Caro, how are you getting on with week 4? 👟

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