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Both feet off the ground, for 25 minutes! Who would have thought it?

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I have Just completed week 6 and feel exhilarated. I am 74 and have not run for decades. A few years ago I was seriously overweight and feeling unwell with the impact of type 2 diabetes, arthritis and other oldies' curses. Over time I followed Michael Mosley with a fasting diet regime then a controlled carbs diet and got the weight under better control. Then I found c25K with the help of my inspirational daughter. I cannot believe that I have just run for 25 minutes and felt so good. Pace doesn't matter but it was at about 50% Sloth.

There have been tough days, especially when the Aussie environment has thrown heat and allergens at me. But my rule is that putting on the running shoes and getting out of the door counts as a success.

I just wish that I could help another old, overweight, unfit diabetic to give this fabulous program a real go. Oh yes, and I also wish to get to 75% Sloth speed for the full 5K.

8 Replies
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You’re doing great ! ⭐️ On those tougher days, always remember the First Rule of C25k: The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for ! Proud to be running with you x

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Very well done!

That 50% is interesting... I use the Nike Run Club app for my training and the coach in my ears reminds me that recover and long runs (about 80% of the plan) should be run at 4/5 out of 10 effort at most... so as you develop and are capable of faster, keep the lower gear you have right now as it will serve you well.

By posting this here, you have probably already inspired a fair few older people, diabetics and overweight people to do this... some will be all 3! We have a lot of readers here, not all speak, but they read, gain motivation and push themselves onwards, so well done there.

Happy running... you got this.

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Well done. It's quite a feeling of achievement isn't it?

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Great achievement Greywhiskers, especially down under in the heat. Keep it up

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This is incredible! Well done ☺ 👍

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Thank you everybody, the encouragement is really appreciated. This is clearly a gentle and supportive virtual community and I am privileged to be welcomed in.

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