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Who would have thought It?

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10 weeks ago I read a post from my 70year old aunt about how she had signed up to do a 1/2 marathon, having only started running when she retired. By her own admission she could hardly walk for any distance when she retired having done a desk job for years I decided that enough was enough and if she could get off the couch and do it so could I.

So what to do, research and a found a c25k program at a local leisure centre. Dragged out my old track bottoms, went and bought a pair of trainers (didn't own any), a baggy t shirt and off I went.

The program didn't run the same as the app so I downloaded it as well and started doing this thing 3 times a week. Even getting on a borrowed squeaky exercise bike and having sessions on it twice a week.

Now I am not going to win any medals for speed but you know what I preserved and GRADUATED this morning with a PB of 4.1km!

I am determined to keep this up 3 times per week, still can't say that I enjoy it but it definitely is getting easier, I know this because I am getting slightly faster without really trying to. Aiming to do a park run in the spring!

Thank you c25k and thank you for this forum. The posts are great to read and really keep me going when I read about other people's journeys!

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Really well done, that's amazing, and your story is inspirational! You should be very proud of yourself. Now go and have a cuppa :)

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Br0ughd3rgGraduate in reply to Hidden

Just having one! What have you done with your first week as a fully fledged graduate?....

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Fantastic work! Well done to you, cyber high five!!

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Br0ughd3rgGraduate in reply to lardofale

Thank you. 😀I high 5 every time I complete a run as it feels like such an achievement.

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Wow! I was logging on to ask for help as have found week 7 tough after such a high last week. However, I’ve read your post and know I just need to catch a grip, nothing worth doing is easy.

You are AMAZING!

I’ve also set myself the goal for parkrun and registered, their twitter feed is incredibly powerful so if you feel you would benefit from more cheering on its another good support aid.

Good luck to you and thanks for realigning my motivation 😀

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Br0ughd3rgGraduate in reply to AbiT

Thank You! Keep going, you can do it. Yes there were days I thought to myself, dear God I can't so this it is too difficult and not getting any easier but I just shook myself and said 'You are not a quitter.... keep going' and I did. The sense of achievement after this long runs are completed is soooo worth it. Keep going and admire and praise each new golden sun which lights up!

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Fantastic - well done to you. Welcome to the most supportive family. Now, all you have to do is... keep running!🏃🏽‍♀️👍🏅

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Br0ughd3rgGraduate in reply to Kimterry

Thank you. I intend to keep going now that I have got this far.

Huge congratulations to you!

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Yay! Good for you 🙂👍🏃‍♀️✔️ I am so pleased you were inspired by your auntie. i have loads of nephews and nieces, and some great ones too, and I hope I can inspire them to be active. I have got one of them doing the programme now I’m pleased to say

Congratulations on graduating 🥂🍾🏅. I hope you’ll keep running now you’ve cracked the hard part

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Br0ughd3rgGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you. Now I have prided myself of the couch I am determined not to call back on. Still have my Aunt to live up to!!

Well done! I can’t wait to get to where you are. Even last night I was googling what to do after you finish c25k and I found they do a series of follow up podcasts to keep you motivated. Check it out, it’s called 5K +

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Br0ughd3rgGraduate in reply to feebe

It is a wonderful achievement for yourself. I think as mums we spend so much time doing stuff for others we forget about ourselves. I am 50 next year and determined to run into it!

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feebe in reply to Br0ughd3rg

Indeed, I too am 50 next May and determined to look and feel the best possible.

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Congratulations graduate, great job🏅🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️🎓

Congratulations...😊 Broughd3rg..

You were determined to do it and you Did 😄

Well done Graduate...keep up the good work😊xx

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Br0ughd3rgGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you. This forum really helped me when I was feeling unmotivated.

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Very well done. That is a very very fast time for a Graduation run!

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Br0ughd3rgGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you. Long away from the magic 5K... but it will come in time and if not that's ok too because I can run without stopping for 30 mins.... go me! 😀🥂🤸

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Well done you - and well done auntie. Enjoy the euphoria of completing the programme and celebrate.

Huge congratulations on your graduation..!! Really well done, and what a fantastic story 😊

Long may your running enjoyment continue 🤗

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