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Couch to 5K
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Who would have thought?

Well I did it. Week 5 Run 3 completed. 5 weeks ago I wouldn't have believed it possible. So for all of you out there steeling yourselves to do run 3 believe me when I say the interval training you have done will prepare you for it. I actually found it easier than run 2. It helped having my lovely daughter run it with me although she didn't break sweat. Off to walk the dogs now. Good luck to you all I, love this running lark.

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Well done! Am at the same point as you and I aim to do week 6, run 1 tomorrow 😃😃


I'm ding mine tomorrow morning 😀


Congratulations - that is a real achievement. You deserve to feel proud of yourself. 👍🏻


Well done, sis! I knew you could do it and am beaming all over my face. Glad my niece is supporting you, last time we saw her she sounded quite proud that she'd persuaded you to try c25k. I hope I made some contribution to your motivation too! Look forward to running together, no idea when though😰

Watch out for week 6, it trips some people up (I loved it - I think I quite like intervals!).


Well done! I ran the same run this morning too. It's nice to get that one under your belt isn't it :D


It certainly is thanks to you all I'm now ready for week 6 and feeling great

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Well done and that W5R3 is a corker - W6 can be a bit sticky for some - good luck 😀


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