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What a difference

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Wow what a difference it makes when you have a break!!! I decided to give myself a Christmas break from running 🏃‍♀️. Firstly because of work I just couldn’t fit it in and secondly because this time of year is just sheer temptation to eat badly.

This morning I weighed myself and I was shocked that I had put on 3lbs. Purely my fault!! I already knew in my head that I couldn’t do a full 30 minutes so I went out already feeling negative which I shouldn’t have done.

I decided to do the Nike Run Club “First Run”. It was 20 minutes and I was so sluggish. One of the worst runs I have ever done but I did complete it.

I checked over the stats when I got home and although I thought it was a terrible run, I actually ran my quickest mile since starting the app, so something positive did come out of it I guess.

I’m going to use this as a positive for when I run again as I need to get rid of this negative mind that I have all of a sudden.

Hope it goes away soon!

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Weight put on very quickly (over a day or two or even a week) is likely mostly water weight from more carbohydrates being consumed and holding onto water. (Christmas is a carby time of year)

Best thing to do is drink more water to flush it out and get back on track with a healthy diet.

You'll probably find within a couple of days that you've not gained much actual weight.

However, don't use the water weight argument as an excuse, if weight is going a way you aren't happy with, nip it in the bud early, otherwise it will become 3lb of fat (with water weight on top) quite quickly.

I feel your pain, yet you got out there, did the run and are on the way to better runs. It is inevitable we crash into downs as well as the ups and they are hard to conquer, but you will. One step at a time until it's time to stop, then repeat....Overcoming these blips is a huge achievement - be kind to yourself.

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SarahBrownGraduate in reply to AnnaKarenina

Thank you so much for your response. Weight has always been an issue for me. I’ve never been massively overweight but it does go on quickly. I’m not about to give up and these words of encouragement really help x

Me too. I am slim(ish) at the moment, but I have been horribly overweight and it is the first thing that happens when I eat a bit more/don't exercise. I am trying to focus on being strong and healthy rather than fixating on the scales. Remember we are getting stronger and fitter even when it is is horrible and that is something to celebrate. x

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Thank you for your advice. As a rule I tend to keep the carbs as low as possible, but like you say Christmas is very carby!!! I’ll take your advice and see what happens. Any tips on weight loss are always welcome.

Thank you again x

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So true. You sound so much like me. If I eat the slightest more than I should or something that I shouldn’t eat, I almost know instantly that I will put on weight. I get so annoyed at the people that can eat anything and everything and not put on so much as a pound 😂 x

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Your experience of first runs after a break matches mine and I suspect many other people's.

I think we forget how much hard work it can be and also memory in respect of pacing seems flimsy. As a consequence we run faster than normal and find it hard work............many of my PBS have come after a break from running.

Based on this experience, I always recommend newish runners about to take part in an event to have longer taper than is usually suggested, also I take any run after a break very gently........unless I am after a pb.

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SarahBrownGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I hope my next one is better. I’m going to try and go with a clear mind! I don’t want to get into a state whereby I am dreading runs, because I absolutely love doing it. I just need to change my mindset!

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