Runkeeper - what a laugh!!

I treated myself to a shiny new Ipod touch a few weeks ago and decided to try Runkeeper on my plogging outings. Well, what a laugh!! Before the voice said '5 minutes' I had apparently already done more than 1k! Every couple of minutes I seemed to have run another 1,000 metres! Fortunately I also had Laura to keep me on the straight and narrow so just kept with the programme (I'm working my way back to 30 minutes running after a break).

When I got back to the car (I jog when waiting for my daughter to finish her ballet lesson) I checked my route on Runkeeper and it looked as though a small child had scribbled all over it! :D No wonder I had apparently done 12k in 30 minutes - the GPS was 'fair' so no wonder - it thought I was going back and forth all over the place. However, it was fun being told I was a complete whizz at running.

I've saved that 'fake' run - it makes me smile just thinking about it!


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  • I need to install Runkeeper and throw away my 'too-honest' Garmin :-P

  • I've always found run keeper very good - but I guess it depends upon a good signal!

  • My endomondo app did something like that one time, after I'd been away and done a run at my boyfriend's I think. It seemed to struggle to adapt to the change in location, and spent my whole run trying to locate me, telling me I'd done 1km every 4 mins etc. I worked out when I run in different locations it just basically needs me to walk around a bit first, with it open but not started yet, so that it can get its bearings. Maybe because it's your first time using the runkeeper app that you've had the same problem? If so, give it another go, and don't press the start button straight away next time, and see if that helps...

  • I've been using RunKeeper and have also found it to be good. I use C25K, Runkeeper and Map My Run all at the same time and Run keeper and Map My Run are always more or less the same. Must be the GPS. It's doing funny things!

  • If the two apps are running on the same phone at the same time, then chances are they'll get the same GPS signals and therefore correspond fairly well :)

    (there's always a bit of fudging of the GPS points going on, some smoothing and extrapolating, so they won't match exactly)

  • I hadn't thought of that! Good point ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I didn't think the iPod Touch had GPS capability? I thought it estimated roughly where you are based on local WiFi networks - could be why it was jumping around?

    Personally, I'd take that 12k in 30 minutes and claim it as a PB :)

  • A world record even ?

  • Brilliant.. !!! ( what an easy way to increase your running distances.. must try it!!)

  • The joys and vagaries of "Runkeeper" , the tech gremlins do like to play about some days :) I have stuck with it as I am not sure if a garmin would be any better at locking onto the satellites where I am ..

  • I use Runkeeper with my IPhone 6, and it seems to work well. If the signal is not good when I open the app, I just wait few seconds until is good before I start it. I run a measured 5 k route once a week and Runkerper also agrees that the distance is 5 km.

  • I used Runkeeper before I got my Garmin and thought it was great. You do need to make sure it is fully locked on to your current location and has a good signal before you hit start though :) The odd time I 'rushed it' I would have amazing results that were sadly inaccurate

  • I'll have a try hanging around for a bit to see if the GPS locks in better. Have to admit, though, it's tempting to just leave it and then see how 'far' and 'fast' I go next time!! :D

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