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What a difference

I graduated last Saturday and decided to give my knees a well deserved week off. I went out last night for my first run in a week. I think if I'd left it any longer I may not have gone as the gremlins were beginning to gather. As a novice runner having a week off was playing on my mind. Would I still be able to run for 30 minutes? Would I still be able to run at all?

I decided on a shorter route, and went back to the one I ran in W5R3 which doesn't run ' away' for as long. My thoughts were that if I could only manage 20 minutes I'd be closer to home!

I wasn't sure I'd even manage 20 minutes once I started, and kept asking hubby about the time, something that I don't normally do. It was really odd because my breathing was fine and my knees were fine. I can only put it down to the gremlins.

Anyway I'm pleased to report that I did run for 30 minutes, and not only that I unintentionally added in a steep uphill just before the end with no ill -effects( I turned down a side road that I've never been down before and it led to the hill!)

What a difference to be able to run in an almost pain-free state (left knee felt normal, right knee had the occasional niggle) and this morning I can walk normally rather than hobbling around!

It also felt very different being a graduate... I'm not sure how to explain but it felt freeing and more enjoyable somehow, once I'd got the gremlins off my back that is!

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First of many new and enjoyable running adventures hopefully. No need for gremlins - you're a graduate!


Thankyou! I really hope the gremlins leave me alone now!


Great run. I graduated three weeks ago and went straight into a 10k training plan which for me was a mistake, my knees felt sore and it knocked my confidence. I think u showed a lot of wisdom having a rest, the C25K programme is intensive and I am sure that rest will help you to keep running. I am back to doing 3 X 30 minute runs and will repeat this until my knees feel stronger 😀 Julie


Thanks. I should be running tonight but my right knee feels a bit ' off' so I'm going to leave it until Thursday, which is my next ' usual' running day. It may be that I'll only be able to run twice a week in order for my dodgy knees to remain manageable, but I figure that's better than not running at all. Fingers crossed your knees get stronger :)


Sometimes a stiff knee improves with a run. I heard if it is painful while running, time to rest it. I am doing the same as u, seeing how it goes. My mind wants to run every other day, hoping to run tomorrow now, feel ok 😉


Well done East ! Yes you will find a way by listening to your body, very true.

I try and run 3 times a week , but sometimes if I am feeling a bit stiff or achy I just run twice a week as I dont want to risk injury . Sometimes it just makes sense to take an extra rest day just to let your body recover, no shame in that !

Its sometimes hard to rein yourself in , but we are all new runners still and its all experience and a learning curve !

Well done on your run tonight, sounds like you had a really good one ! :-) xxx


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