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W7 R1 plod


Ran today after a very busy day at work which involved walking up and down six flights of stairs several times. So to say I didn't feel like it was an understatement. I promised myself that I could stop at the halfway point, then I promised myself I would stop after the track I was listening to finished. I got myself to twenty minutes and thought- well I might as well carry on to the end. And I made it, even taking it a bit faster for the last couple of minutes!

I'm sure playing mind games with myself got me through to the end .

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Great exercise on those stairs.. I use that as part of my exercise regime, sometimes... running up and down :)

Huge well done you!

Yes I agree, when I tire I just run the two or three yards in front of me, anyone can run two or three yards. Works for me.

Good Luck

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Makes sense to me! It's better than concentrating on how far you've got left to go!


Excellent effort well done. I had to stop after w7r1 cos my leg has really started to hurt right at the break point. Which is concerning. I did a 15 min then a 20 min and will see how it goes tomorrow but feel gutted to have to make up my own week and get behind on the programme!

I will try your mind games and see if they help! 🤗

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Hope it goes well for you

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