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W7 R1 fail 😡


Grrrrrr. Had to stop and walk at about 18 minutes - first time I haven’t been able to complete any of the runs. It was very warm outside which I don’t think helped, but my legs just felt like lead and I really struggled from about the 10 min mark. Was trying to push myself to keep going but finally had to admit defeat at about 18 mins. So down in the dumps about it, feels like I’ve gone backwards when W6 R3 was a 25 min run that I did no problem! I presume the thing to do would be to try repeating it in a couple of days rather than go on to R2 of the week?

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Aah Flamingo this wasn’t the best run for you, but no run is a fail. If you think back to how far you have come from 60 second runs, you’ve achieved so much already. I would have your rest day, drink plenty of water so that you’re both well rested and well hydrated and go for it again. But aim to go slow too. You can do it!! 🤗❤️


Not a fail - delete that! You win just by getting out there. Your not a machine, some days you just can't do what you want. Were you going too fast? Slow it right down, take an extra days rest if you only take one between runs, if you have to slow down to walking pace that's not a fail. Running for 18 , walking for 2 or 3 minutes and then try to jog to a finish, or walk all the way to the finish. Just doing the 25 minutes is fine. It's all about getting those minutes in your legs. You can repeat if you want or move on. Thing is take it slow and steady and you'll smash it next time out


I agree with the two previous replies.

Don’t let it get to you, rest up and think of listening to some music.

You can do the run have a full day’s rest and tackle run 2. You’ve got this.


18 minute session... doesn’t sound like a fail to me.

Some days it’s just not there, sometimes we go a little faster than we are used to without noticing, sometimes the weather doesn’t suit us... whatever the reason, you know you can do this, like you say you’ve done it before. You’ll get it next time.


Nope, not a fail, just a practice run. That heavy legs feeling can be caused by dehydration I’m told. Make sure you are well hydrated all the time- it’s not just about gulping water before and after run. Have your rest day & go out gently & give it another go - you’ll be fine. 😄

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