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W7,R1...and a confession


Hi, I have a confession , my apologies in advance should anyone think that what I did was wrong.

...so week 7 run 1, felt good ran the 25 minutes and then , when jo was telling me it was time for the 5 minute walk down...it occurred to me if I just ran it , she would tell me when it had finished and then....I’d of ran for 30 minutes. So I did.

Felt great😃..no shame..🤣...

Sooo... I just felt I had it in the tank and thought if I didn’t try it I’d regret it. It wasn’t premeditated , just felt at the end of 25 mins it was there.

I figure on the Next episode , if I’m feeling knackered I can stop at 25 and I won’t be letting myself down because I would of still finished what is expected of me.

Not encouraging anyone else to do the same , just talking about my own “journey”...(🤢🤢🤮🤮...oh how I HATE that phrase...I actually shuddered when I typed that 🤦🏻‍♂️)

Anyhow...quietly buzzing at 30 minutes...

Jo said...( i really do think we’re friends now 🤪🤪)...just think about where you were seven weeks ago to where you are now. For me it was New Year’s Day and I can’t believe what I’m doing now when I think back to that first run...it’s ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS..

So where ever you are on the podcast , be it week 1 or week 4 or higher....just think about that first run you did in week one...😂🤣😂...

Were all amazing

Laters 👋🏻

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You devil you ! As my gran would have said !😁 but...isn’t that like reading the last page of a book before the end! Hats off to you though as you’ve achieved your goal... 👍🏻


You naughty, naughty lady you! You know what we think about going too soon. Tsk Detention for you!

Your new pal Jo is the goods isn't she. Friend for life now! So pleased you two met when you did. She'll get you through your JOURNEY !

Ha ha

Yes, it's absolutely ridic!!!!

OlderThanDirtGraduate in reply to misswobble

I’m a boy 🙂

CatMo13Graduate in reply to OlderThanDirt

I could tell 😊

misswobbleGraduate in reply to OlderThanDirt



Sadly you don't get to graduate now. It's the rules...


I think a lot of people do the same on wk7 or wk8 as it's nice to know in advance that you have that little bit left in the tank. Just don't skip the warm down walk if you do.


There is no need to feel shame and most of us have done a little bit extra at some point, but do remember that you are still a very new runner and that the plan is structured as it is to help minimise injury risk.

The weeks following graduation often see newly fledged "superheroes" suffering their first running injury, so take care.

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