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So proud

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Woke up this morning early, talked myself into doing the run after work, would my head settle? No.. 20 mins later I was up and out running 30mins past and I Just kept going. Done 50mins. Now I think back to August when this all started. I was a 37 year old 17stone 9lbs overweight guy who couldnt walk 6mins never mind run 60. With alot of hard work and grit I can now run 60 mins comfortably, my body shape has changed, I'm running 3 times a week, 2 gym sessions and couple cycles or boot camps. I'm getting defination lines on my arms, chest, back and shoulders. I set a very challenging weight to get to at Christmas, under 14 stone. I'm close but don't know how close as I stopped weighing a while back. So tomorrow is the weigh in but you know what even if I don't get it I've won and hit new heights on so many other levels. The bit I'm most proud of is that I have stuck at it. My mental and physical health are 1000 times better

Merry Christmas everyone and thankyou for the support and great advice and hers to many more.

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Wow. You’ve done amazingly!!! Inspiring x

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Good for you people say don't focus too much on the numbers on the scales more of how your body has changed and how you feel , good luck keep it up😊😊

Haha! You’re awesome!! Well done!

I’ve got one run to go and I finish the program 😁

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That is fantastic! Its how I feel about changing! I don't think the results on the scales matter too much when you can see and feel the results and know that it will continue. I've never managed to get the scales to agree to my masterplan but I feel so different! Happy Christmas!

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This is why I love this program and forum 👍.

You have and will continue to change shape and loose weight. Better it comes off slowly, so don't worry if you haven't met your target when you planned to.

You've found your lust for life again and that's the important thing.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019 🙌

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Yesssss. 13st 11. I know the weight is everything. But on the same token it feels fantastic just to be able to say I'm under 14stone and I hit my target. Thankyou all.

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