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So proud of my mum!

I'm on week 9 run 2! (eeek so close to graduation!)

I've been going on quite a lot over the last few months about how great C25K is and I think I finally rubbed off on my mum.So on Sunday (in between my run days) I went out with my mum (mostly for moral support and to help her use the ipod) to do week 1 run 1. Firstly I was very surprised at how easily I found it, even though I can run for 30mins now (OMG!) I was expecting to struggle.

My mum is 60 and is very overweight having not done any exercise since she finished school. To my surprise she was very determined and managed to do 7 and out of the 8 60s run (she needed a little extra breather on the 5th one). I have to be honest I was totally shocked that she could do it, but I've never been more proud of her in my life! I'll be going out again with her on Tuesday to do it all again.

Won't be long until she will be running 30 mins too!

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I'm dyslexic and just read your title as "Sound proof my mum" which confused me greatly.

Quite right well done your mum. Struggling with week one and I've been at it nearly two weeks (not moving on till I can do it) and I'm just over ten years younger than her. It must be nice for her having your support too, so well done you too.


YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE STAR! First for helping Mum with the iPod and 2 for staying with her through her first run when you are so much further down the line. 3 for being able to tell her how proud you are of her efforts. All strength to BOTH of you on this brilliant journey. I hope you have many more runs to enjoy together. Great programme isn't it? Good luck for your Graduation!


Ooohhhh BeaniesMum bless you for sharing that :) I'm not surprised you were confused.

Nemi I'll bet you mum is just as proud of you as you are of her. Good luck to your mum & BeaniesMum you are the same age as I was when I took up running, for me it will be 3 years in August and will be 63 in September, so you are never too old to learn new things, I always say age is just a number anyway :)


Well done to both of you. Our elder son came out with us for the first time this morning. He's not a runner but jogged round with me getting ahead with every step but then running in a circle to get back to me to keep me company :-) he must have run double the distance! Children are fantastic aren't they? Even when they're 40 :-)


Wow well done to your Mum! That's great going!

And good luck to you on your graduation run!


What a lovely daughter, with your help your mom will graduate. I am 74 and graduated last September, my husband has been with me every step of the way. I love my running it keeps me fit, blood pressure down and keeps my weight under control. Slight problem at the moment but tell your mom to read my blogs. Pat


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